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12/23 gbacci Random Chatter 18 0
Warrior and I have - I believe - come to a mutual understanding of our independent frustrations. There are no hard feelings from my point of view. He is welcome back anytime, although I suspect it's unlikely.

If I recall correctly, we lost a long time user earlier this year due to the change from three divisions to two in Auto Leagues, which was a change that seemed to have a very high approval rating. I bring this up because I have learned there is no way to keep everyone happy, even some of the most dedicated PC members. People are going to leave from time to time.

Life goes on, and I wish everyone nothing but the best this holiday season.

Re: Warrior

Appreciate what you do. Don't say much on here, but for the last nine years have really enjoyed Pennant Chase, still do and hope to continue for many more years. Was surprised Warrior left, he had been in my league since 2012 and was a great owner.