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Zero year contracts

Zero year contracts

Anyone offered to let your owners bid “zero” year contracts so that they are only signed for the season you are about to start? If so how did you do it (did you count offers with 1 year as more valuable regardless of $) and did your league owners like it?

Re: Zero year contracts

No amount of money is more than the other when it’s just the ‘free year’. Zero is zero all those bids are the same. If someone bids 1 year (as opposed to zero/expiring) then they are bidding more than all the zero year bidders.

Re: Re: Zero year contracts

But if they bid one year, they're stuck with the player for 2 in that scenario since the one year contract kicks in the following season.

The "free year" is a hindrance in this case. If it's a player you just want to sign as a stop-gap before a prospect is ready, or sign an older regressing player but only want one season because his stats won't be viable in the 2nd season, the paid contract first year.

Maybe in a straight up budget league, Free Agency would be better run at the very end of a season before the contracts advance? But I don't know if that would mess anything else, like maybe the expiring players and non-contracted players wouldn't be cleared yet.