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Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Teams

Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Teams

Hi everyone,

I noticed that one can skirt the 85 inning limit in favorite teams leagues for SP's by:

1) drafting your team
2) saving the team
3) pick a favorite team (same team)
4) load the saved selections

Automatically, anyone that is a starter under 85 innings becomes a starter. I noticed at least a few people are using this exploit.

Guys like Eric Bedard (83 innings) and Rick Helling (48 innings) are starters on people's teams.

I applaud them for their wiliness but since its not what is intended, many will be at a disadvantage, thus it is an exploit.

Hopefully there is a way for the site-master to fix this exploit as it seems to be used by some veteran owners.


Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Teams

Good for you for calling them and the exploit out! BUSTED, at least two people I see you are talking about.

Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Teams

ebee1 must not be Canadian.

Re: Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Te

God forbid. Look at Boston, Houston, Cleveland. Then look at a team using this 'exploit'. Its a fighting chance mechanism FFS. "Exploiting" other owners.. THATS PUSHING IT. Blind chimps come on this site, pick Houston and get to the fkn playoffs.

Christ,1871 leagues are so damn boring because half the field has no chance.
No limits are placed on these juggernauts like limiting to 3 years

But we'll see THIS as some super advantage.

God forbid you get Steve Busby as a SP for the Royals. You're really gonna crush Sale-Pedro-Clemens man.

Figures I just learn a trick a few weeks ago and DONT EVEN GET TO ENJOY IT YET. LMAO.

Eliminate this, then HOU, BOS, CLE need the NYY,CHC,SFG treatment. SERIOUSLY.

Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Te

"Many will be at a disadvantage.".. Lmfao.... 42 Career SIMs (sorry, not newbie shaming).... That's a giant assumption that simply isn't true. Its only 'worth it' with about 20 or so SP's across maybe 15 teams. And the ONLY reason its used is in a dire absence of SP or no way to mesh it with seasons where offensive players put up better numbers.

It's been used by a few for awhile. We haven't seen Brandon Beachy, Steve Busby, Rick Helling, Erik Bedard, tearing up Awards boards.

There haven't been all those crazy Tampa titles thanks to Jeff Niemann.

Seriously, I can go load up a Mike Scott-86, Verlander-17, Geritt Cole-17, Nolan Ryan-86, Dallas Keuchel or Charlie Morton rotation, with no Import hack. But you think adding low stamina 96 Rick Helling gives the Marlins or Rangers an advantage over THAT ??????

Much to learn...

Re: Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Te

I wasn't going to call you out J but I guess you're probably one of the people that are doing this- you could have remained silent. A guy like Busby has Elite numbers and 40 Innings pitched. Or Brandon beachy or perhaps a guy like Fiers with the Brewers.

Look I know you like to I like to think that you're smarter than everyone and you can do this and that's fine. I have no problem with that I just wanted others to know until the commissioner fixes it. Let's not pretend that you can't find different ways to cheat the system a little to get a smaller advantage. It may not make a big difference but if it's 5 wins 5 wins can mean the difference between division winning and losing I don't want to argue I'm not here to argue and Jay if you want to post a bunch of posts you can but you know I'm not here to argue. But if arguing makes you happy then go ahead and do it.

It would be nice if guy could either fix it or unlock the Restriction so that anyone with 35 or more Innings can be a starter.

Alternately we can post some kind of elaborate instruction on how to include starters on teams that have less than 85 innings.

These leagues really aren't that hard they're fun to make a team. Some teams are easier to make than others and some teams may never compete very well. But that doesn't mean we should Skirt the Rules because some teams are at a disadvantage.

Lastly there are so many things that can be done with these favorite teams League that would be neat or fun including making you select 2018 as one of the 4 years or making you select from specific years ie 1980s or 2000s or odd years or even years so many things could be done.

I know that would take extra coding but I think that adding some nuances would really spice up the favorite teams Leagues.


Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Te

Na, I applaud your honesty. I just think it doesn't do what you think it does. It doesn't level a playing field. It just takes something else out of the hands of "have-not" teams.

The "advantage" portion is what burns my britches.. I learned it from the "greats", and even they haven't been able to master it into some decided advantage.

Re: Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Te

If it frustrates a new owner that they pick the same team as you, and have to use a 10 rated SP instead of Busby (87 rated), then they might quit because they don't understand how you made Busby a starter. That is how it is unfair. We all know there are very few USABLE Sp's per year typically - unless its the Indians or Astros - thus if you have ONE spot filled by a chump, it can destroy your team. That chump will post a 12.00 ERA and lose all their games. Hence the temptation to skirt the rules and fill it with guys like Busby, Fiers, Fernandez(14), or Beachy, etc.

Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Te

I discovered this on a Cardinals team I put together and saved. Frankhouse became a SP when I re-used the roster - I tried to change him back to a RP, but the option was not available (he was a SP only that season) and I was last man in and couldn't redraft. Fortunately, Frankhouse is not a game changing SP. Thought it was a glitch, but looks like it's a "thing".

- The Sheik

Re: Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Te

Add Freddy Peralta to the list (2018).

Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Te

85 is an arbitrary number. How was it originally decided? Randy Tomlin 77IP in '90 for example (No surprise most of these are all teams that DESPERATELY can use the pitching.)

Sandbox every franchise, then every year of their existence with favorable "Fave Tm numbers". Now sort TOR, KCR, PIT, MIL ....

Now sort BOS, CLE, HOU, LAD...

Exactly why its a harmless loophole.

There's so many ways to improve Fave Tm Autos.

Best of the Bests do a damn good job for starters.

Re: Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Te

I want to acknowledge I’ve seen this thread and I’ll take a look at it as time permits. Thanks for alerting me to the issue.

Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Te

Thanks guy, hope you can fix it or eliminate the requirement. I'll post instruction on how to include an sp with under 85 ip in any leagues I am in the meantime - to level the playing field.

Re: Re: Alert - Exploit Found - Fav. Te

Personally, I think if you have a guy who started 8 games, but only pitched 68 innings, he should be a starter susceptible to injury. Why would he become a reliever if he never entered a single game as such? My vote is to do away with the requirement of innings.