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A functionality question

A functionality question

Rank is supposed to reflect a players offensive prowess in 3 categories, but have no effect on actual performance.

I have an idea, I want to take a say Jason Giambi with his 97 Rank and adjust JUST his rank to like a 60, leave the actual stats the same. Is that possible in a Sandbox League?

If so, an experiment could be done to gauge whether his offensive outputs are adversely affected by a Lower Rank, but the stats are the same.

Is it possible?

Re: A functionality question

Rank is everchanging, generated any time stat levels are updated, new players are added, or stats of players are changed. It is not a physical stat a commish can manipulate, we can only manipulate the stats to in turn reflect a different Rank.

Re: Re: A functionality question

You can create a ton of better players in that sandbox, then his rank will go down. But you wont be able to have two of them with same stats, one rank 90s, one rank 60s.

Re: A functionality question

So it sounds like the SIM will automatically update Rank and it can't be done.