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Rankings bug?

Rankings bug?

So I created 40 pitchers last night with the same stat lines. I added them into my sand box with a set of 2018 players. I was of the opinion they would be similar or the same rank. They ranked from 23 down to 1 all with the same stats.

Is this to compensate for something or is there an issue with the rank mechanics?

Re: Rankings bug?

Players are still going to be ranked sequentially. So yes you could not really have a league with rank if every single player had the same stats. Because they would still be ranked 100-1. But that wouldn’t make much sense. It’s not a glitch, it’s just not expecting same stats across the board.

Re: Re: Rankings bug?

makes total sense I was just curious if that was working as intended. thank you for the quick feedback and you patience as always.