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I have openings in three leagues.

Top Dog
🐕Five games vs. one team every five days to move up or down a division (of 8); the goal is to reach the top division and knock off the Top Dog. Draft a new player every five days and try to become the Top Dog.🐩

Each owner selects a season from the same franchise (ex. If the team is the A's, owners select an A's season between 1901 and 2019). A new franchise is used each season. Seasons last about a week. The current season is the Cincinnati Reds.

Fast-paced league. Each offseason owners select from a list of randomly selected teams from throughout MLB history resulting in a completely different pennant race with all different teams each season. Join now to manage one of the new teams being added for next season.
(This one always has openings because when a new owner joins I add a new team.)

All three leagues are public and can be joined via the Join Leagues-- Custom League page.

Re: Openings

The opening in 骰子(1F) has been filled. If anyone is interested, send me a message and I will put you on the waiting list.

The other two leagues still have openings.

Re: Re: Openings

Several new owners have joined 骰子 for next season (starting in three days) and one of two openings in Top Dog has been filled. 骰子 will always have room for more, but the team in Top Dog will not be available for long.

Re: Openings

Top Dog is now full. If anyone is still interested, I can put you on the waiting list for the next opening.

骰子, of course, still has openings because, by design, it always does.