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O. R.

O. R.

Can someone to explain to me how the offensive rank is determined?

Re: O. R.

OR is the OLD RANK it takes a players BA- OBP and OPS and ranks them with all the other Offensive players in the League - then they are added together and divided by 3 to provide Offensive rank - BUT not all of the 3 statistics are graded equally

I don't know the percentages but say you have the 2nd highest BA in the League you could be a 99 in BA then you have an OBP in the 15th percentile around an 85 and a 30th % OPS say 70

If all things were equal your ORANK would be 99+85+70 = 214 / 3 = 71 but it's not quite like that I am sure others know more

Re: Re: O. R.

Interesting and helpful. Thanks for the details. I’m saving this to my baseball journal for quick reference and safekeeping. Have a good one!