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Fave Teams style Custom League: need 1

Fave Teams style Custom League: need 1

If you like Favorite Teams leagues you will love this Custom league, Best of the Best: 1901-2020. Owners play a new team each season so everyone has a chance to play with each franchise. It's in the Fave Teams format, but we've also made some tweaks to the system to create parity in the league (see rules). Limited trading is allowed (see rules). Our last 3 champions were the Pirates, Reds and Angels. Every season is very competitive, and the Sheik is the vice!

Check out the league here:
PM me if you would like an invite to the league. If we fill up before you get a chance to join, I will add you to a waiting list.

Re: Fave Teams style Custom League: nee

I’m down for this league