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Unbelieveable !!!

Unbelieveable !!!

Was watching the video of the chaos at last night's National's game. As the nats pitcher finnegan is walking off the field and the gunfire starts , the umpire stops him to check for sticky substances !!!!

Re: Unbelieveable !!!

Gunfire being such a normal event in your country, it probably just did not faze the umpire at all. The umpires are professionals. A few bullets are not going to stop them from doing their job.

Re: Re: Unbelieveable !!!

The gunfire was in the parking lot, outside the stadium. It was safer to sit wherever they were and assess the situation than to jump up and run for the exits and possibly get trampled in the process. Lots of things to consider... how loud was the gunfire, how many shots, anyone around you down etc... Thought before action. Then again, not many people have been shot at. ;-)