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Importing Duplicates for All-Star SIM

Importing Duplicates for All-Star SIM

Trying something new. Not sure if it will work. Calling all expert opinions.
I'm thinking of importing duplicate players in one of my private leagues so that I can SIM an All-Star Game. Has anyone ever tried this?

Here's what I have so far. I've created two new teams for the All-Star teams, and put them into an unused division. Then I used Commish tools to "import player from another league" except I actually imported a player from the same league and it worked. Now I have a duplicate Bull Martin and he appears in two different places, once on the Brandon Golden Bears and once on the Western All-Stars.

I'm thinking that I can do that for all 50 all-stars, and then create a new game on the Schedule between the two All-Star teams. Then SIM it, and manage both squads so I can import everyone into the game.

Not sure about a couple of things:
1. Whether it will work at all.
2. Whether the duplicates will need rest the same as their alter-egos, meaning that some pitchers (or injured players) may not be able to play unless I grant some extra days off.
3. Whether the stats will somehow count in the league, even though they are duplicate players playing for teams in an unused division.
4. Probably some other stuff I haven't thought of yet.

It would be cool if this could work. A bit of work importing everyone, but I think it will be worth it as long as it doesn't somehow screw up the actual league or the stats in some way.

Any help out there?
Thanks in advance!

Re: Importing Duplicates for All-Star S

I did an all star game sim via my sandbox one time for HaloFire's NYC Metropolitan League (I am one of his vices) and while it takes a little bit of time to set up, it gives you complete control over literally all aspects of the game (minus the results, of course lol). It's actually not as hard as you'd expect Gus, especially once the importing part is done

Probably not the response you were asking for, just trying to give a word of encouragement lol

Re: Importing Duplicates for All-Star S

I’ve done it in sandbox. The way you are thinking the duplicate players won’t need any rest, they all start at zero. But their stats will definitely show up and count in the league. I think it’s best to do it in another league (sandbox) to avoid confusion and accidental deletions of the real players.

Re: Re: Importing Duplicates for All-St

Thanks guys. Yankee, the problem with that is that I use my sandbox for one of my private leagues, so it's not really a sandbox at all. I don't have a spot to play around with stuff without potentially wrecking a long-standing league.

If I'm thinking about this right, the ASG will add stats, but only to the duplicate players, so it shouldn't affect the original players. And as long as I just delete the players as a whole team, that should avoid the issue of accidentally deleting the wrong guys. Deleting a whole team at a time should send all those duplicates to Free Agency, and since that league has no Free Agents at all, I should be able to delete the Free Agents one by one without running the risk of deleting the originals. Does that make sense?

Thanks for the input. Anything else to be thinking/worrying about?

Re: Importing Duplicates for All-St

You can import duplicate players to any league, then just create a playoff series between the two teams. You can even make it a World Series game, and it will play as if it is just a game. Play one game, then delete the remaining games from that series.

None of the players in the league will be affected in any way, the duplicate players will be the only ones to compile stats.

Whatever your AS break is, in terms of PC days off, just subtract the one PC day you simmed to play the AS game.

When you delete the teams, use "Delete Players on a Team", before you actually delete the team. That will delete the players instead of sending them to FA, then you can delete the empty team.

Re: Re: Importing Duplicates for All-St

Thanks Sol. That's great! My only worry with that would have been whether or not Simming a playoff game (even a fake playoff game) would somehow mess up the regular season schedule or fool the SIM into thinking the season was over, but it sounds like you've tried it and nothing weird happened.

Great idea to delete all players on a team first, then I don't have to do it one by one. Much appreciated!

Re: Importing Duplicates for All-St

Gus, reach out to me if you'd rather do this in a sandbox or separate private league, we have so many sitting around it would not be an issue.