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First ATG Keeper League

First ATG Keeper League

I have a basic idea who to keep, but think this is a really tough one, rarely do you have 2) 100 ranks and a 99 Rank on a single team.

Pedro Martinez is a no-brainer, Ted Williams is a bit harder because his Defense is suspect and he is better suited as a DH but his offense should make up for his defensive liabilities

I also am thinking of holding Darrin Erstad, Great CF, and Ernie Banks - with Banks I can bat him 9th and his defense plus decent offense lets me basically pass on SS when drafting the next year.

but $$ wise, whats best - I really don't- want to spend so much to keep Kimbrell he may only appear say 55 or 60 times - thoughts?

Re: First ATG Keeper League

While losing Kimbrel might sting next season, I'd say, beyond the previously mentioned 4, only Kimbrel and Cole might be worth any significant investment. But just bear in mind that whoever you don't sign likely will be picked up by another owner in the next draft. Meaning your decisions on those guys may come back to haunt you...

Re: First ATG Keeper League

I get why you like Erstad and Banks, dwar, but there are plenty of other good dwar players at those positions who hit the same or better. I’d keep Kimbrel over one of them. I am pretty sure keeping the low ranked defensive guys like that will prevent you from being offered some higher ranked players in the quick draft as the game will assume you have already kept 4 high level players

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That's probably a good point yankeebb - I'm not exactly sure how the SIM offers players- I know that if I hold a 95 rank pitcher, the highest I'm going to get offered at that position is in the tier below

I think I could hold say Martinez and Cole and still get offered a mid 80's starter for my # 3 ??

I was assuming that the SIM values Erstad as a 60 and Banks as a 30 and I could still be offered a low 80's OF if I held Williams

but if the Sim does NOT value what you have by rank, it's problematical -

For Sure the two Red Sox, - 1 or 2 years?

Re: First ATG Keeper League

I’d sign Pedro for two but not everyone agrees since that second year is costly and affects what else you do. But if I have the ace of aces I’m keeping as long as I can.