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cap for dwar

cap for dwar

in some of the leagues im in when fake players are imported dwar can be ridiculously high well above 5 which only two players in mlb history every achieved..
system should be so that no player can go over that number in my opinion

Re: cap for dwar

Agreed, but that's a BAD Commissioner, not something that Guy should worry about. Common sense has to fit in somewhere.

Are there OTHER fake or Made up guy's with ridiculously inflated BA OBP and OPS?

Pitchers with 0.40 Whip, 2.5 H/9 18K/9??

If so one good Fake deserves another

Re: cap for dwar

The quick create should not be making a dwar that large. If it is let me know. I can only assume these are manually created.

Re: Re: cap for dwar

I know one way one or two of those guys slipped through possibly when we did the RF to dWAR scale for Custom leagues' existing created players.. Those "high RF" OF/1B types never got halved by commishes after the fact.. That wouldn't explain a large quantity though. Just anamolies at that position.