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Tiebreaker Question

Tiebreaker Question

Not sure if it's been asked or addressed on here, but figure I'll ask here and find out.

Just finished a season and ended up in a 3 way tie with 2 other teams for the Wild Card. We all finished 90-72, and I won the season series with both, yet my team needs to play in the 1 game playoff.

It says in the rules that head to head is 1st tie breaker, except for 3 way ties. In this case though, wouldn't it be better to reward the team that won both season series with that #3 seed, or is this sadly a glitch that unfortunately punishes the team that won the season series with both ???

Re: Tiebreaker Question

The logic is not in place to figure out if one team won the series against all other teams it is tied with, it's only in place if two teams are tied. So in this case unfortunately you have to deal with the multi-team tiebreaker rules.

Re: Re: Tiebreaker Question

Thank You Gbacci.....wasn't sure if that was built in or just a unfortunate thing.