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Bad News Bears League needs 1 Owner

Bad News Bears League needs 1 Owner

You've tried the best - now try the worst!! Wait a minute, that didn't sound very enticing. Let's try that again. ... You've tried the best, now try the best of the worst!! Hmm. Still not good.

Anyway, the Bad News Bears League has one opening to fill - the Charlestown Chiefs are available. In this league, there are NO Star Players. No Ruth, Gehrig, Trout, Pedro, or Kershaw. Only mediocre players battling it out for the fame they never found in real life. We're getting geared up for Season 4. We've had 3 different champions, and there is a lot of parity in the league. In Season 3, the 8th Seed in the playoffs won it all (New York Knights), beating the 7th Seeded Mudville 9 in the World Series. The Chiefs have the 3rd pick in the new-player draft which should get them back into contention in Season 4. The first two WS champs missed the playoffs this past season - that's how unpredictable the league is.

If you're interested, find the BNBL on the Join Leagues page under Custom Leagues. Check out the Rules Page, and then jump in! Great group of owners and lots of fun!

Re: Bad News Bears League needs 1 Owner

There are also tons of emojis, LOLs, and an adorable blue Flibber.

Deep down, you know you're mediocre, despite your parents telling you that you're "special." Embrace your mediocrity and join this league!

Re: Re: Bad News Bears League needs 1 O

Don't join yet. The draft is soon, you might ruin my pick.

After the draft, join if you like to actually watch the games.

Players' top speed is 7, so not a bunch of bunting and stealing bases. Not a ton of strikeouts. Not a ton of HRs. This is all good stuff for game watching.

Re: Bad News Bears League needs 1 O

Sol is 100% correct about the games being a lot of fun to watch, and the unique rules mean that no matter what you do, your BEST pitchers WH/IP is 1.40 -

plus endurance matters, you need decent bench players

It's far and away my favorite league.

Whoever gets in will appreciate it in the long run