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Still a Newbie

Still a Newbie

Ok, I am in the 2nd year of a custom League, We are having a 2 Round FA draft to start Season 2 of a newly introduced player Pool.

Can the added players change the Rank of existing Players in the League adversely? I actually think it probably does because the Free Agents are in many cases better than some of the existing pool.

My question is, if it DOES effect existing players rank, WHEN does the adjustment take place? after the FA draft is complete, or when the players are added to the Pool?

Re: Still a Newbie

It should do it when players are added to the pool. If not, you'd see Rank of 0 on the new players. In that case, the commish should re-save Stat Levels so the new ranks are in place when done creating players.

Re: Re: Still a Newbie

So the added players can effect Rank then.

In our FA Draft they did have ranks

That's what I thought, Thanks Guy