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PC Power Ranking (In-Season)

PC Power Ranking (In-Season)

Okay, help me out here.

I've often wondered how W-L vs. Run Differential/Pythagorean Expectation works with in-season PC Power Rankings..

But I'm not understanding how Bip's Dodgers are #1 and my Braves are #2

LA is 118-38 with 753 runs scored, 454 runs allowed, a +299 Run Diff, Pyth W-L translates to 114-42

ATL is 117-39 with 826 runs scored, 471 runs allowed, a +355 Run Diff, Pyth translates to 118-38

Now, I don't really care that we're #2 and Bip is #1..

What I want to know is HOW ?! That one more win and one less loss is worth more than 4 Pyth Wins/ +56 Runs ?!?!

Re: PC Power Ranking (In-Season)

I think the power rankings must factor in the wit and charm of the manager...only possible explanation ;-)

But seriously, this is a good question. I honestly dont know. Maybe it has something to do with how team is playing over last X# games?

Re: Re: PC Power Ranking (In-Season)


Well, we actually squared off the next game, and we won 4-3, so ATL has taken #1 for the moment.

But, for the sake of this conversation, let's pretend that hasn't happened yet. Lol

Re: PC Power Ranking (In-Season)

I believe that the sim does not like you, Jay. If you think that this is hardly a good explanation then I defy you to give me a better one. :)

Re: Re: PC Power Ranking (In-Season)

It factors in how much Avila12Cub supports u lol