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Favorite Teams Changes

Favorite Teams Changes

Guy -

I understand that some folks are frustrated with the same teams winning in Favotite Teams, but I think you are starting to head in the wrong direction with this.

As long as rosters are visible, people will copy them and play them over and over again. They will just move from the Red Sox to another team. By limiting the years for some teams you are limiting the number of cominations of years that can win. With fewer viable options, you will see more of the same teams, not less.

Although it invovles more programming for you, the better option would be to add a fifth year for the weaker franchises which would boost them, making more viable combinations.

Even more programming, but interesting concepts would be to put a salary cap on a team or using the autodraft logic to draft teams (pick a franchise, then be offered players so that teams are closer in strength (Pedro or Sale, but not both).

I'm sure that there are a lot of better ideas out there; I'm looking forward to hearing them.

Re: Favorite Teams Changes

I'm behind on drafting teams, but the leagues have been slow to fill, so it wasn't a priority. What are there 3 yr limits on some more franchises now?

Re: Re: Favorite Teams Changes

Catch up, Jay. There's a blog post to read. ;)

Velo - I don't disagree. This was a stop gap. Didn't have time to expand to 5 yet. But I could see the argument of giving weaker teams 5 while everyone else gets 4. The "quick draft" idea is super intriguing. Definitely a vastly different approach, but interesting.

Re: Favorite Teams Changes

How about allowing additional franchise tag players outside the selected years?

Best teams would get 2 or 3 extra franchise tag players, worst teams would get 4, 5 or 6....

It would narrow the gap, increase competitiveness, help filling critical holes in lineups and add a great twist to these leagues...

Droping to 3 teams is just a band aid that cripple an already quite limited talent pool being possibly assemble....

the franchise tag players option would add talent to these leagues instead...

it would then be possible to gather most of the poster boys for each franchise....

Re: Re: Favorite Teams Changes

Different franchises suffer from different deficiencies. And that's part of the problem.

The more storied franchises have a much longer history, therefore, have had plenty of time to catch 'lightning in a bottle'. Teams like Toronto, Pittsburgh (in '65-'18 leagues) have weaker SP. They would benefit from the "5-yr treatment".

Tampa Bay and Kansas City are begging to be 5-year fixes.

San Francisco is no longer needing to be a 3-yr '65-'18 team IMO. You can only pick one Barry Bonds. And you don't have the 1800-1900's or 1930 or even 1954 to lean on.

Can we also talk about the 85 IP rule. No team gets burned by this harder than the Miami Marlins.

If you import their entire Franchise history (1993-2018), then sort through SP, I think its like 5 or 6 of the first 10 SP seasons get converted to RP. Do it yourself and see how bad they get hosed that 85 deal. Its called "Fave Teams", but if you're a Fish fan, you can't even use years like 2018, because virtually NONE of their SP qualify as SP.

If sh*t franchises play musical pitchers, or deal with a ton of injuries...it can make a whole staff useless to use here on PC.

I know a sliding scale could confuse some, and the object is K.I.S.S..

But what about dropping the 85 IP to 50 IP ?

Re: Favorite Teams Changes

Really dig the autodraft concept, would be even more interesting if you didn't get to pick which team (but obviously everyone would bail if they felt behind the 8 ball to start).

That would be a real + fair challenge, without the same old stacking and inflating win totals.

Also always wanted to see an "any 25" championship, wherein you would be able to choose any 25 players from a franchise history as long as they met the minimums in a given season. Would really level the playing field, in theory at least.

Re: Re: Favorite Teams Changes

People already run those type of custom leagues suggested here.

Re: Favorite Teams Changes

What blog post? There's a blog?

Re: Favorite Teams Changes

To yankee's point: There are a couple Favorite Teams' style Custom Leagues that already utilize some of the suggestions put forth in this thread. It is important to realize that most anything any PC user can imagine he wants in Auto Leagues can be created as a Custom League.

I was fortunate to get into a Favorite Teams Custom League this season, and it's a fun, competitive league that uses a set number of seasons for each franchise along with "plus" players from other seasons of the franchise. A very smart Commish runs the league really well, yet it seems like it is not very easy to figure out how many seasons and how many "plus" players each franchise should be allowed to use to ensure the most competitiveness.

And, that's the point. The WM isn't going to easily be able to give each Franchise the best number of seasons and/or the exact number of plus players to ensure all teams have a chance to win.

Favorite Teams' Auto Leagues are built on shifting sands as seasons go by and new seasons of some teams inject a new super-talented year into that team's pool. Houston was surely a tough franchise to use five seasons ago, now they're a powerhouse.

The WM shouldn't waste too much time designing Favorite Teams parameters for today, when those parameters may well be out-dated after the 2019 season. Thinking and designing a Favorite Teams' system that works long-term is, I'm sure, where his thoughts are.

Re: Re: Favorite Teams Changes

Sol, by your account why even have Fave Teams leagues at all then ? Lol Its a PC Auto League format and its busted, why would we not discuss potential fixes. I personally don't participate in anything but Customs and Fave Tm Autos, so I don't comment on issues plagung other forms of Auto League, but the current formatting has grown a bit stale.

I will concur that Fave Tm Customs are a freakin' blast...

Many of us who still play in 20-25 of these Fave Team Autos at a time though, our biggest complaint has been not so much having to face a Boston or a Houston, you gotta beat the best to be the best. But having to face 3 Boston's and 2 Houston's on top of the rest of the grind, is just a suicide run with what still handicaps the Tampa's, KC's.

I think people forget that I don't just make this argument for myself (openly trying to win at least 1 ring with all 30 franchises), but for the newbies who enter into this format wanting to be their Blue Jays or their Marlins. It just manifests more of itself. Because the goal of most is simply to win a ring, period. So they are only concerned with building the strongest team. I can't blame them. Its what I still occasionally do when I get bored. Try to mix up a proven winner a little. But I will never understand spamming and we all love Guy for the 4-league Franchise limit. :)

I can ASSURE anyone with the 'Build Your Own Team' idea, "Best 25" that certain teams will FARE EVEN BETTER under this model. And certain teams will FARE WORSE because they will now have NO benefit of owners not making the most of their choice of years.

We just rebooted Cooperstown X - BYOT after 3 seasons because among the DEEPEST 10 TEAMS in MLB HISTORY, barley half had a real shot at winning it all.

Its a pure numbers game of what rates are available for what franchises. This game is built entirely on rates, and your strategy in how you manipulate them.

Re: Favorite Teams Changes

I don't play the Fave TM format to often but have other friends who love it. It's common sense that some teams just don't have a history of winning in reality. Thus they're not going to produce a viable winner even with 4 yrs available. People want to win and since it's become more difficult to win with the Giants and Cubs ( which they should go back to 4 teams imo) smart managers opt for other teams. There's 30 teams to choose from plus some others and there's maybe tops 20 of them , you can build a competitive team with. I've never seen a SEA or TB team even close to 500 so why use them, when you can build a STL, HOU, PIT, PHL, teams as example and you can compete with them. I agree the object is to win a ring so why not go with the best chance to do so.

Re: Re: Favorite Teams Changes

Here's a question for Guy.
Do you have stats on which teams wins the most WS in Fave TMs? I'd love to see the stats and broken down before and after the Giants and Cubs were made 3 teams. Also how many WS do the Yankees actually win with the 3 team format?

Re: Re: Favorite Teams Changes

Seattle's 1995-1996-2001-2014 is a common combination that does well.

And no team is impossible, you need to catch the lightning in a bottle now of only 1 franchise each in your league. I've made the postseason at least once with 28 of 30. Only Toronto and K.C. have eluded me even a sniff. But I'm above .500 with each in a league right now over 60 games in... (Probably jinxing them both. Lol)

Ill post links, but I'm almost positive a common thread is no repeating franchises. I could be wrong. But that simple adaptation would MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE.

Re: Favorite Teams Changes

Of course suggestions should be posted, Jay, but perspective is always helpful when trying to suggest change.

The WM likely doesn't want to be, every few seasons, adding and subtracting numbers of years from Franchises. I, for one, would rather his PC time be spent on other "list" items.

A long-term method of operations for Franchise Team leagues where any team has a chance to win the trophy is the goal. That's the perspective that suggestions should have.

I agree that allowing only one of each franchise in a 12-team Favorite Teams league is a viable suggestion that can work long-term. I don't know of the argument against that change... I can't think of any. But, as with anything PC, those of us making suggestions do not have to figure out how to do it, how to make it work with all the other moving parts of the site, etc.

Re: Favorite Teams Changes

Why is every team having an even chance to win the goal? There are underdogs and thats a good thing. For me it was more fun to try to win with those. Definitely agree it would be nice to limit one franchise per league but Guy has answered that countless times that people then just won’t join, waiting for one they can use BOS, etc, and leagues will sit. Not an easy solution.

Re: Re: Favorite Teams Changes

Who said "even" chance to win? "A chance" isn't an even chance. There will always be underdogs, no matter what changes are made, but I believe Slater that it is impossible to win with KC against two HOU teams, two BOS teams, and two CLE teams in the same league.

I would think more people would join Franchise Leagues, not less, by limiting it to one Franchise per league.

Follow the logic that says: If Favorite Teams leagues are limited to one franchise per 12-team league, then some guys/gals would not join those leagues.

So, the PCer who is being given highest consideration is the one who:
1.) Absolutely will only use one of the short list of specific (powerful) franchises;
2.) Is too impatient or put-off to simply join another Franchise League in which one of those powerful franchises is still available;
3.) Sees a league in which all of the strongest franchises are already claimed, and says, "No. NO WAY. I will not use any of the other NINETEEN available franchises. This is Bullocks!"

If a PCer refuses to join a 12-team league because he/she can't have the second or third iteration of BOS, HOU, CLE, NYY, STL... is that really the PCer the game should be aiming to satisfy?

Re: Favorite Teams Changes

I just looked at my trophies and have won 10 rings in Fave.
Teams I've won with, Cubs, White Sox, Red Sox, Giants and 6 times with the A's. Right now I have an A's team, Pirates and Yankees Fave teams going. All competitive teams.

I've been in leagues where there's 4 or 5 Yankees teams and none of them won. I don't mind if there's duplicate franchises. There's never an outright duplicate team because everyone sees different years as more important to them than I see them.

I've tried some pretty strange combos just to see what would happen and without the thought I would win also. For the fun of it. Try an 1800's Baltimore Orioles team. Hitting galore and not a pitcher worth having but the scores are fun to look at.

Re: Favorite Teams Changes

It’s a good discussion. I can promise you with 100% certainty these leagues will become VERY slow to fill in the current format if I only allowed one team of each franchise.

Remember when everyone complained to me that I should just list all auto leagues on the join league page and I kept pushing back and saying the reason leagues roll into the list is so that they can fill in a timely manner? Then I decided to try what everyone had asked for years. and guess what? Everyone begged me to return to the limited list so the leagues would fill.

That said, if there’s a way to make other franchises more appealing, maybe the leagues could fill even with the one team per league limit. Maybe adding that 5th year would entice more owners to choose different teams.

I know I stay away from Fav Teams because I know it’s really hard for my ChiSox to compete. They really should not do well anyway because their franchise history isn’t littered with amazing players, at least not when limited to 4 years. But something to give those teams a slightly better chance would make it more interesting for me personally.

Re: Re: Favorite Teams Changes

Fair enough.

Perhaps a hero will emerge who will run a 12-Team Custom "Favorite Teams" League with the parameters that only one iteration of each Franchise is allowed, with all other rules of Auto League "Favorite Teams" identical. See what happens.

Re: Favorite Teams Changes

As a Milwaukee Brewers fan, I'd love to see a 5-year option. This would allow a solid starting rotation to be assembled.

(Disclaimer: Lucky I did make the World Series with the Brewers franchise and am currently tied 2-2 in the World Series. Being in the right division allowed me to make the playoffs, as a team that won 10 more games than me did not make the playoffs)

Re: Re: Favorite Teams Changes

If there were, say, one auto league or possibly a custom, that had a franchise format and didn't include the Yankees and Dodgers, I'd love to play in it as my actual favorite team, the Tigers.
Guy stays away b/c it's impossible to win with the Sox. It can be hard to get the Tigers in custom leagues; they usually involve just one year of a team; it can also be in a period I'm not so interested inn; and in the present Fave Teams format, you're not going to get far with the 90s Tigers with Cecil Fielders' 50 HR, the 87 Tigers with Tram's .340s b.a. or even 76 or 77, whichever was Fidrych's monster year.
I think what people are longing for is some way to manage teams with Robin Yount and Cecil Cooper; George Brett and Willie Wilson; Raisel Iglesias and Joey Votto, along with thousands of examples, and not be on the express train to 95 losses.
There are giant swaths of most franchises that are irrelevant in the fave leagues as long as you want to get close to .500; to me, that calls for something like fave teams 1930-60; 1970-85, etc., but not just one year of a team with classic pro; there could be some number-of-years-weighting in those leagues too.

I'm just saying I see demand, coming from the comments of the webmaster HIMSELF.