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how this works

how this works

I’m wondering if this fantasy league for 2020 takes the 2019 stats and uses them as projections for the 2020 season?

Re: how this works

The sim uses the actual stats of the real players, and, then, simulates games using those stats.

All seasons ever played in the MLB are available for import, including all players from 2019, with their actual stats they produced in 2019. When playing in an Auto League, the players' Real Stats from a particular season ('27 Ruth, 2019 Verlander, 1999 Pedro, etc) are the stats your player will have in the sim.

There are a multitude of Custom Leagues that take the Real Stats of actual players, then "progress" and/or "regress" those stats over several seasons to alter the Real Stats a bit for more simulations.

But, Real Stats of players are used in the sim. It would be accurate to say that, when using only players from 2019, the sim is projecting what 2019 could have looked like if another 162 games were played.