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Dwar Question

Dwar Question

Hey Guys,

I wasn't around when Dwar was introduced and I searched the blog and FAQ and didn't see the answer so I thought I'd ask here. (My bad if I missed it)

As far as DWar in the sim is concerned:
1) I assume it is similar to any other stat meaning there is variance of how a player will perform in any given season. AKA 2 players with the same Dwar at the same posistion may have different stats, like players will have a different AVG/OPS, ect. And a player with a worse Dwar could have a better season and save more hits than a player with a better one. Just part of the alogrithm and fun.
2) How is Dwar played out in the sim/ Is Dwar at all affected by pitching? Meaning, if you have a SS with a 1 DW on team A and on team B. Team A has a great pitching staff that allows far fewer hits. Team B pitching staff gives up a ton of hits. Will they save roughly the same amount of hits (again depending on variance) or is DW a calcuation of hits robbed vs possible attemps rather than how many hits they will end up robbing? If that makes sense.

Maybe a better example/question is this: Which represents DWar better
If you have a DW of 1 lets say on a season that means you should rob 10 hits. at a given posistion. (I know that isn't the number)
If you have a Dwar of 1 you should rob 1 out of every 300 balls that come your way in a given season. (again I know that isn't the number)

Hope that made sense. Thanks guys

Re: Dwar Question

Hey Matt. positive dwar has a percent chance to change hit to out and negative dwar has percent chance to change out to hit. A team that has high strikeout pitchers will have less balls in play. Bad pitchers that give up tons of hits will lead to more saved hits even if their dwar is less. And the important thing is dwar is individual, unlike RF which was team total.

Re: Re: Dwar Question

Perfect. That is what I was looking for. Thanks