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I have a question concerning SP's.
Explain how a SP could only throw 110 innings and have a stamina of 138 pitches?
What am I missing ?

Re: endurance


Give something to analyze, or you might as well have asked: What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Re: Re: endurance

Guy sets stamina based on IP vs games. So a pitcher with 30 games and 150 innings (5 innings per) will have low stamina, and a pitcher with 15 games and 120 innings (8 innings per) should have high stamina. I havent analyzed it but I think that's the intention. It's why SP/RP types who come in as SPs usually have low stamina, because they have so many games with low innings as a reliever, and why when those guys come in as RPs they have higher stamina than normal RP.

Also, the sound of one hand clapping is