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Basketball Out of Position

Basketball Out of Position

So I know in baseball, there is a pretty significant defensive penalty for a player in their secondary position. I was wondering if there is any sort of similar penalty in basketball for someone playing outside of their primary position.

For example, if a C is in the game at PF, or a SF starts at SG, would they receive any sort of stats penalty for the sim?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Basketball Out of Position

There is no penalty to my knowledge. I have experimented with this many times as my 2nd C was better than my PF or my 2nd SF was better than my SG. I have actually found that these have been some of my better teams.

Re: Re: Basketball Out of Position

That's right, no penalty - you can't place players in certain slots, obviously, but the penalty is inherent in the stats, ex: if you play a small lineup with low rebounds and blocks, you're choosing to make that trade off. Likewise, all big men is likely sacrificing steals and 3Ps, etc...