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Change to injuries in auto-leagues?

Change to injuries in auto-leagues?

I have had an interesting injury situation happen now on back to back days that has never happened to me before. First, both of my catchers were injured in back to back games. Then on another team I had an OF injured and the next game his replacement was injured.

I have never had this happen before so I had often wondered if the injury algorithm protected against this. Now that it happened to me on back to back days I just wonder if something was changed recently?

Anyway, not a big deal. That is what the Roster management is for.

Re: Change to injuries in auto-leagues?

I thought in past the backup catcher couldn’t get injured if only other catcher was. If you had 3rd though, maybe. Otherwise yeah I’ve had replacements get hurt right after the main, it happens.

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There could be a mechanism to avoid injuries to the final back up at a position.

But there should also be one for users who won't carry any back up too...

There should also be one for injuries happening before game number 10...since we didn't get all the opportunities to fill in our rosters, and injuries early in the season...

Re: Change to injuries in auto-leag

I say, let the injuries happen when they happen, to whoever they happen to - no restrictions. Let it play out just like in real life. Stuff happens. If you can find a way to be prepared, great. If not, then you just live with it until someone comes off the injured list. It's luck of the draw and adds another cool wrinkle to the game. I don't think Guy should have to add to the code to solve this.

It happened to me in a league where both catchers were injured, and I actually cut a pitcher right before a game, signed a 3rd Catcher, put him in the lineup, then cut him right after the game and re-signed the pitcher. Some might consider that a hassle, but I actually kind of enjoyed the process. And if I didn't have time, or was in too many leagues to even notice, then I'd be fine with just taking a hit, having the SIM sub in a non-catcher, probably lose a couple games, and move on. No big deal. Not enough to force Guy into a lot of extra work just to create a safety net for those situations. Just my opinion.

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Guy already does the catcher thing (I thought). I agree on the rest, definitely dont want to reward someone with no injury because they arent carrying a backup.

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I am fine with the current behavior, I was more just curious if some change had been made recently. My game count is over 31,000 and I have never had this happen and then it did on back to back days.

I agree that it was fine to go sign a new player to fill in.

Re: Change to injuries in auto-leagues?

I was wondering the same this morning. Fav team league, day 18, 4 injuries already, but starting C and backup C in back to back games???

I carry 3 C’s typically, but feels like I am getting about 6+ injury or return from injury notices a day now.

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I don't feel there should be a safeguard for anyone who only carries one catcher, or other position player, but especially catcher, most teams have a 2B/IF guy so it's not a horrible thing.

Injuries happen in sports and I feel that PC has been FAR too forgiving regarding injuries, - a guy who only played say 100 games SHOULD be unavailable often, whether it was injury or simply platooning.

I also feel that if you played in 155 games in a season, you shouldn't be able to be injured for more than 7 games, although you still could get say, HBP and miss the REMAINDER of that game because it counts as a GP -

Guys on PC make it feel like Cal Ripken accomplished nothing- Players get hurt OFTEN in Real life, it's a fact.

If you have too many teams to keep up than your just throwing crap against a wall to see what will stick at any rate.

Re: Change to injuries in auto-leagues?

In response to a guy who only played say 100 games SHOULD be unavailable often, whether it was injury or simply platooning.

I know that’s been discussed a lot of times. I disagree. First, in leagues where rest is needed, a guy who played 100 G or less will need rest every 4-5 games, so that’s covered somewhat. In auto leagues of course they play forever. But I definitely don’t agree they should be limited to their real life games played, that’s not the point of a sim unless you want extreme realism to the point of there being no randomness (or fun). A player was having a great season and then got hurt after 80 games and missed season? Here he gets to play. That’s fun.

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The SIM does not consider the fact that it's almost impossible to carry on the kind of pace that some guys set over say half a season to a complete Season.

It just numbers and spits out results accordingly with a -20% to + 20% variant for Good, Great, Off, and Bad Seasons beside normal - and that's an estimate on my part

Is it fun to watch a guy have that Monster season, of course, but the added caveat that he MIGHT miss significant time, which he actually did do, could also add a dimension to the game as well

It could change draft strategy, do you take a guy that can be hurt for significant stretches with an early draft pick or let someone else make that high Risk/reward decision?

As it is now PC is anyone with a working knowledge of baseball, and a Calculator should be able to put together a contender, its kinda like Ron Popeils Rotisserie Oven- Set it and Forget it -and yes it's Auto Leagues where Endurance is not a factor

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Just a quick thought on injuries - I did not change any logic, but I have noticed since I turned on the inbox updates, I KNOW more often about my injuries than I did before and so it FEELS to me like there are more injuries... that's just my POV.

Also note, Auto Leagues are purposely light on the damage because Auto Leagues are treated for a broader audience - you guys have no idea how many messages I get over the years from people who want NO injuries at all, which is also a valid desire. This is fantasy, after all.

Custom leagues though can certainly make games played matter - if endurance is ON, and if the penalty for an injury is large, then a guy who played less has a higher chance of getting injured AND is getting the EN penalty far more often.

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not advocating for a league wide change perhaps a toggle option could implemented? not sure how hard it would be though