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Adding Prospects

Adding Prospects

Quick Question, when prospects are added to an Upcoming Free Agent draft, in an already running League, their stats are averaged in with other players in the League to show their Rank, which makes sense, however, even though these prospects are not able to be used in the season already being played, their additions can effect the Rank of Players already in the Pool who ARE active, almost always in a negative manner.

So an 88 Ranked Pitcher could become an 85 Ranked Pitcher if a few pitchers were added as prospects, whose Whip, 9/H, or K/9 stats numbers were unique to the Player Pool, causing the tier to change. IE: the existing Pool of Pitchers has a 6.8 H/9 and a 7.1 H/9 and a 6.9 H/9 and a 7.0 H/9 get added the 7.1 H/9 guy drops at least 2 Rank points - I don't know the actual formula for determining Pitcher rank, With hitters it appears to be add all 3 (AVG, OBP, OPS and divide by 3 but with pitchers it's not the same, one or 2 off the numbers used are given a higher percentage and I haven't been able to determine what it is, but I'm no math major.

I understand that it's needed to see what these players additions to the pool will EVENTUALLY cause to happen to the Pool, but why should they cause any change to active players when the Prospects cannot possibly have any effect this season?

It really does not effect superstars much but turning a 73 RP into a 69 RP (and I have seen it happen) is huge - And all that talk of
"Rank doesn't matter" - DOES matter when it comes to pitchers - Their rank is unencumbered by Defense not being included, it's pure stat numbers and over the course of a season that lower Rank DOES make a difference.

It would be nice if this could be done.

Re: Adding Prospects

Commish doesn’t have to add draft class during season. That’s the solution, keep it somewhere else until season ends. Otherwise, what you said. Can’t have rank not count a certain team or fee agents so the answer is keep it somewhere else.

Re: Adding Prospects

Does the rank have any influence on the SIM?

I would guess that since the H/9 and BB/9 and K/9 stay the same, it wouldn't affect the simulations at all.

Re: Re: Adding Prospects

Correct me if I’m wrong, Yankee or Guy, but changing a player’s rank just doesn’t enter into game situations. It just compares him to other players in the league. So if I’m ranked 3 in a league because I’m a horrible pitcher, and guys are all hitting like crazy against me, it won’t matter if 100 guys even worse than me are imported onto a Prospects team or any other team for that matter and my rank skyrockets to 82. I’m still just as bad, right? I still have exactly the same stats (H/9, BB/9, SO/9) that made me horrible in the first place, so they’ll hit just as well off me as an 82 rank as they did when I was a 3.
Just don’t see how rank could possibly change an actual game situation since the SIM doesn’t use it for actual ABs.

Re: Adding Prospects

Well, I think rank seems tied to what league the player(s)/prospect(s) is/are in (if there are 2 leagues, not just 1), and that league I think suffers more than the other one, but other than that, I'm befuddled there......... Gus, seems like, I don't know, maybe that witchcraft you mentioned before? 🤣

Re: Adding Prospects

I have read that Rank makes no difference in how a player performs many times before and that Rank is simply an indicator of that Players combined abilities compared to the rest of the Player Pools combined abilities, and that makes sense.

I think that if you added 100 pitchers that were a 1 Rank it would not affect any of the Player Pool who's statistics are better than the 1 ranks- they are already better, it does not matter how many more worse than them are added. The Rank format is based on 100 best and 1 worse so there would be a higher % of 1's but they would still be 1's correct?

However adding players with a Unique stat number would affect all players with a stat number LESS than the one added so if the best H/9 is a 6.4 and the next is a 6.2 and a 6.3 is added the 6.2 goes from being a 99 in that category to either say a 98 or even 97 depending on the number of pitchers with a 6.2 H/9 - because we don't know the formula for determining how weighted each category is, that decrease could be MORE than say 1 point of rank.

The SIM is supposed to use the REAL stats to factor into an outcome but MUST use an RNG of some type, what if a 99 batter faces a 99 Pitcher? on face value they are equal and the pitcher should have the advantage because a hitter generally only successfully gets a hit less than 40% of the time.

In Bad News Bears league for example ALL pitchers need to have a Whip of 1.40 or higher so regardless of their Rank, they still stink compared to most pitchers in normal leagues -

But I have noticed significant drop offs in Pitchers outcomes when their rank lowers, yet their statistics remain stable, so rank must have SOME effect. The Hitters Stats haven't changed, why do they suddenly consistently batter a guy who drops from a 62 rank to a 59? and by the way, that seems like a BIG cut off -if you drop below a 60 you are basically batting practice - should not matter, your statistics haven't changed.

And Yankeebb, if you put them somewhere else (which is what I would propose) how do you determine what their Ranks will be if they are not part of that Player Pool? how would they be compared? is there a way?

Re: Re: Adding Prospects

Rank does not affect the SIM.

It's not a 99 Rank pitcher going against a 99 Rank hitter, it's a pitcher's Real Stats going against a hitter's Real Stats.

You make yourself nutty with this, SCM. Rank is a comparison tool, not a SIM tool.

Re: Adding Prospects

The Rank format is based on 100 best and 1 worse so there would be a higher % of 1's but they would still be 1's correct? ’

No that’s not how it works. If there are 1000 hitters the top 100 will be in the 90s (10% not 10 total). So adding a bunch of low ranked players will affect the others. For whatever purpose people use rank for, it will be affected if a draft class is put in the league mid season.

Re: Adding Prospects

Sol I agree, the Rank # SHOULD be immaterial, it's stats against stats with a bit of randomization - and that highly ranked players are BOLDED, to reflect their high status in the League.

So if rank makes NO Difference, how does the Commissioner adjusting the hitters up or down and making them BOLD or elite players cause any change? ( not that this is happening, because it's not)

Their Stats did not change, but suddenly their "Elite" NOTHING Changed, except their rank is BOLD, it should not effect their hitting correct? but it DOES

Re: Re: Adding Prospects


I thought that averaging the Pool was changed to straight stats about 4 months ago or so when Sol noticed that their wasn't a 100 Ranked Hitter or Pitcher in BNBL and GBacci realized that the numbers were being averaged instead of actual?

Re: Adding Prospects

He stopped averaging ranks. How many fall in each range of rank depend on how many players. Look at your bad news bears league. There are 40 players in the 90s rank. This would indicate there are around 400 total players . Just saying that the top 100 players aren’t 1-100 and then everyone else ranked 1.

The bold is meant to represent the top players in that league in that stats. Setting levels gives slight boost to hitting or pitching depending what they are set at. Adding players to the league that aren’t technically playing yet does mess with the rank of players who are currently playing, that we can agree on.

Re: Re: Adding Prospects

I apologize if you think I was arguing, I am not, just trying to get a better understanding of how it all works.

Re: Re: Adding Prospects

As yankee says, if players are dropped into the Player Pool mid-season, Ranks will change. Ranks will be affected. But, the SIM will not be affected. Game-play will not be affected.

If SP Jones is a 67 Rank on Day 100. Then, on Day 101, 10 SPs are added to the Player Pool, and SP Jones now becomes a 70 Rank, SP Jones will perform exactly as he would have if those 10 SPs were never added to the Player Pool. Why? Because SP Jones' Real Stats didn't change.

A small sample size of SP Jones' games may trick the mind into thinking he is doing better as a 70 Rank than he was as a lowly 67 Rank, but small sample sizes are not to be trusted.

Rank is a comparison tool, not a SIM tool.

Re: Adding Prospects

The bold Rank numbers, representing "elite" in a league, are just another comparison tool. Bold-faced numbers are PC saying: In this category, Player X is among the best in this league.

Different leagues have different Ranks that PC puts in bold numbers (meaning some leagues' "elite" Ranks are 60 and above, some are 90 and above, some are 75 and above, etc.), but, as with all things Rank, becoming (or no longer being) a bold-faced "elite" player will not affect how that player SIMs.

Real Stats are used in the Sim, not Rank. Bold-face is a comparison tool, not a SIM tool.

If a Player Pool has 400 position players and 40 of them are in bold-face, and then another 50 position players are added, some of the original 40 bold-faced are likely to drop in Rank and, thus, some of those 40 that were bold-faced will no longer be bold-faced because other players' knocked them down a few Rank numbers. But, losing "elite" bold will not affect the individual performance of the former bold-faced because Real Stats are used in the SIM, not Rank.

Rank and bold-faced numbers are comparison tools, not Sim tools.