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World Series Reaction

World Series Reaction

What an entertaining fall classic! Not a fan of either team, but like and respect (Brantley and Rendon). The craziest thing about the series is how it was like a real, live version of a PC championship series. No team wins a home game? Only in PC until now.

Unbelievable how nobody won on their home field. We may never see that again.

Also, Soto is cocky and arrogant, but damn he is a good hitter.

Re: World Series Reaction

what was really hilarious was the two female fans sitting behind Homeplate that flashed their "assets" and it got on tv.gonna be interesting to see what kind of numbers soto puts up

Re: Re: World Series Reaction

living in Texas and suffering thru all the bad Astros teams not long ago, i hated this world series lol.

losing game 7 so late when our pitcher was doing a good job and then he gets taken out was bad.

Re: World Series Reaction

Nats fan here. I texted a friend before the game: "We're gonna see Greinke/Cole/Urquidy... who gave up a combined 2 runs in 16.2 innings for the Astros in their three wins. If we're gonna win, it has to be 2-1. We're not scoring more than 2."

Enter Will Harris... and Roberto Osuna... and Joe Smith...

I was SHOCKED to see those guys in the game and not straight to Cole/Urquidy. There were only 8 outs to go when Greinke was pulled (early?). Those two guys were rested and had shut us down in Games 4/5.

It was a fun game as a Nats fan, and I didn't follow the Astros enough to know those pitchers' track records... I just figured they'd go with the guys who shut us down and not the guys who we shelled. After a second full season of Davey Martinez's questionable bullpen moves, I understand Astros fans' frustration with not using the best pitchers in the most important games. But I'm thrilled for my Nats!

(And I also loved the press pieces about how Nats fans felt such a warm welcome in Houston and 'Stros fans felt a warm welcome in DC. Quite the difference from the teams' normal rivalries. Looking forward to spring training!)

Re: Re: World Series Reaction

awwww, congratulations on watching your team win! its super exciting for sure :)

Re: Re: World Series Reaction

Houston resident and fan here. Congrats to Washington! I really like Rendon and few other of your players, except Soto. Arrogant but still not a bad player.

Astros left too many runners on base in scoring position. It was the difference. I read an article that said Houston outhit, played better defense, had more runners on base, and still lost.. mostly because they didn't score when they had extra runners. Just a bunch of solo HR and runners left on base.

Great series though!!! Crazy that road teams won EVERY game!!!