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Losses That Make You Wanna Throw Sh*t

Losses That Make You Wanna Throw Sh*t

Im not sure a loss has ever made me want to rip more of my hair out in a single sitting than this one..

I've been getting this Rangers build to the Playoffs time and time again in Fave Team autos, but we run into a Boston or a Cleveland, and we end up ring-less once again..

If ever there was a time we were set up to pull it off..we had a weak division winning, 73-win Rays team manned by Papadharma as an opponent, so the Rangers had Tampa and then one of two Oriole squads to contend with... but the pesky Rays kept trading strong pitching performances with us. We were up 3 games to 2. It would end up going 7 games.

We had Slump Busted Colby Lewis on the bump, and well, he couldn't make it out of the first inning and it ended up being all that was needed..my Park Rangers had NO business losing that game. But that's baseball. It's meant to break your heart. Lol

Re: Losses That Make You Wanna Throw Sh

On the bright side it didnt happen to any of us. (: Papad is one of the best owners on here so no worries man. He loves those Tampa teams.