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Favorite Team Draft, Private League

Favorite Team Draft, Private League

Hi all, very excited to have stumbled across this site! I'm hoping you can help with a few questions to get set up with my private league.

1 - Can I create a private league that is similar to the "Favorite Team" auto league that I just joined (where you pick a team and then build your roster off of 4 seasons that you select)?
2 - If so, can my private league be customizeable enough so that players can choose from 4 (or more) different teams (not just his/her favorite)?
3 - If not, and we must choose a favorite team, I still don't see the option anywhere in the commish tools in the Test Drive Section that would allow for this to be set up
4 - If it is possible to do the favorite team league, can I just import all the players from the auto league that I'm in? Making sure not include dupes, of course....
Thanks in advance, that is all I have for now...

Re: Favorite Team Draft, Private League

Yes - go to "Set Auto/Supplemental Draft" in commish tools and select Auto Favorite Teams draft.

You cannot pick from multiple franchises. In a Fav Teams draft, you don't want to import any players. The Fav Teams draft imports the players as they are drafted.

Re: Re: Favorite Team Draft, Private Le

Awesome, thanks for your help, much appreciated!