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Keeper leagues switching stat year

Keeper leagues switching stat year

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’m hearing it is true. In best of 2017 keeper leagues, people are picking up players and signing them for next session that are great best of 2018 players so when the stats switch they essentially get amazing players. In my opinion this is absolutely cheating. What is the consensus on this?

Re: Keeper leagues switching stat year

It’s definitely done and it’s definitely shady

Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

Please explain how it is shady or cheating
....to have foresight , play within the rules , and to succeed while only having/using the exact same opportunities as all 11 other teams in any given league.

And since you’re in a bunch of 2017 leagues, and they tend to all be switching to 2018, don’t you think it would be a smart move by you to sign keepers who are going to be good next season? Isn’t that the point???
Am I supposed to be trying to have crappy teams, Lol?

You crack me up guys

Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

Speaking of cheating, MrBacci, can you please let me know if you received/read my message from this morning? Thank you Boss

Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

Signing a bad Luke Voit that no one would ever use in 2017 for $2 or inexpensive Christian Yelich so you can magically get the powerful 2018 versions is, um, yeah, pretty cheap. If you dont think so, it's ok. The game shouldnt allow it, but it does, so, be you.

Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching stat

Ok, I will continue to sign players I think will be good next season. It seems like a solid strategy.

I see you called me/that strategy cheap, I’m not trying to be an **** or get into name calling, that’s silly over a game like this where it’s friendly competition. Would you actually sign a lesser player like a Chisenhall than a Yelich if you had him on your roster?

When it all gets added up, you are able to sign 4 players instead of 3 with your 50$ and you will pick last in the supplemental draft. And you don’t get much in the initial draft either. It’s always give and take.

Re: Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching s

The difference Colin is akin to getting tomorrows newspaper today, You could bet all the winning horses, play all the Lotteries, etc, and know the result before hand.

As Yankeebb said, it is allowed, so go right ahead and feel good about ripping off a 12 year old, pat your self on the back, your a genius.

Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching s

And in Fairness Guy needs to disallow this, it's BS on many levels, It is not in the spirit of fair competition, The best move for the people affected by this type of thing is to just drop out of that league. Let it die a natural death and restore a balanced field to the entire League. Your not supposed to "Know the Future"

Re: Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching s

I always thought that when these leagues rolled over the keepers should all be erased and the leagues start fresh with the new year. It's definately a loophole that should be closed.

- The Sheik

Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching s

Wow , some of you guys really get upset .

I’m sorry??? I was trying to win games on a simulation baseball app. That’s all.

It is a keeper league, so I will always have one eye on the future, like I assume all the other GMs do.

I’m not the only one obviously, but I’ll be the only one on the boards to defend/talk about it.

And I don’t understand the rhetoric about knowing the future, I don’t have any insider information!

What’s next, gonna make me feel guilty for getting to free agency first?

Re: Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching s

you can't be serious about questioning whether or not knowing the future is an issue?

so you pick up an absolute GARBAGE 2017 player because his 2018 stats are known ahead of time?

So you can get him for $2.00 at say a 15 Rank, knowing that you can change his stats after the Draft and make him an 80 Rank?

its a game flaw you should only get to select prior seasons

Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching s

When I sign a player , I do already know his stats obviously, so what’s the difference?
I don’t know you, but I assume you try to sign the best players on your team for the next season.

I’m not trying to be sarcastic with you, I’m just paying attention and playing to win. Whether it’s against nice people, mean people, old people, young people. I don’t choose my competition, only my team.

I know that when I’m in a league and I see another team that looks strong , I might also get annoyed , but this is kinda silly. I still have a lot of work to do to make sure those future teams will be good enough for playoff runs.

Happy PC’ing ✌️

Re: Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching

its a PC flaw if. If you didnt do it someone else would, still a game flaw

Re: Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching s

Wow. Gotta agree with ColinB here. If GBacci changes this loophole, great. Otherwise, how can Colin's strategy be questioned since all owners are facing the same rules?

Re: Keeper leagues switching stat year

woodies, 999 times out of 1000, all 12 GMs are not playing by the same game conditions in a keeper league, because inevitably 4 or 5 or more drop out between PC seasons. So, with Boucher seeing the future and securing MVPs at dirt cheap rates there are several advantages... the point being anyone joining the league between PC seasons has zero keepers and had zero chance to secure a future MVP before the PC season changed. So, no, not everyone is playing by the same game conditions in keeper leagues, and most certainly not in keeper leagues that are switching from last season's stats to the most current stats available.

Boucher should absolutely be able to do what he is doing. He always plays to win, as he should. He's shady because instead of coming to the boards and telling gbacci (and all of his fellow PCers) that he's found a loophole that gives him a clear advantage, he keeps it to himself and takes full advantage of the loophole without regard to equal opportunity for all participants of the game. Hiding behind, "I'm trying to win games on a baseball sim app" is cheesy, since that's what we're all doing here.

Ideally, any game participant points out a found loophole on the boards and says he's taking advantage of it while it is there, but he wants to point out the loophole so that, eventually, every game participant will again have equal opportunity in that particular game format. Boucher would have been honorable to point out the loophole, but he didn't do that, which makes actively taking advantage of the loophole the opposite of honorable.

But, hey, the opposite of honorable is often the best strategy to win.

Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

This is loophole that should be closed, but aren't the 2018 stats readily available to everyone, not just one person specifically? I'd say ColinB used normal logic and common sense here, as 'shady' and 'underhanded' as it may seem. Is it something that should be available? No, but it is. I'm sure Guy is already working on it though, so it shouldn't be this big of an issue for too long

Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

This has been going on every year
I learned it from seeing others do it.
Others are doing it now also.
Even took GBacci’s advice and nullified 1 or 2 bad contracts (like he tells you you can!)

MrSol, nobody is hiding, I’m right her telling you what I did and that there’s nothing wrong with it.

I know you probably dislike me bcuz I suggested you use a timer to make your supplemental drafts and FreeAngency on time, hardly seems like a good reason.

....how is that going for you? Are you building deeper rosters since you stopped missing your drafts or free agency?

Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

Like Colin said, this has been the case for a long time, it's not a loophole Guy isn't aware of. Sheikh is right, contracts should be cleared when the league changes, seems obvious, but I assume it cant be done for some reason or Guy would do it. I said it was a shady thing to do and it is. I'm not saying any individual person is shady and I'm well aware if one person doesnt do it another person in the league might. It shouldnt be allowed and it wouldnt be an issue.

I had JD Martinez signed in a best of 2016. I didnt know at that time keepers stayed when league changed, and 2017 Martinez was much better so I benefited, but I at least had Martinez signed legit. Again, though, we'd be better off if it just couldnt happen. League starts over, contracts should start over.

Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

LOL. Dishonor? Shadiness? What, are we supposed to strive to be Sir Galahad and quest for the Grail with ultimate virtue?

Gbacci is PC's designer. It's his job to close any loopholes and balance the game.

It's not "shady" to take advantage of something that's baked into the system. It's smart.

Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

I agree that Colin is doing nothing wrong - and I agree that there needs to be a change in the game engine. Easy fix - when year changes, all FA's are erased. Again - Colin is not breaking any rules.

- The Sheik

Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

My, oh, my, looky what I've found here: Mookie Betts, Yelich, Snell, deGrom, Volt... look how clever I am to pile into 2017 Keeper Leagues and, with great skill and cunning, load up MVPs and Cy Young award winners as my keepers.

Heavens to Betsy, if that isn't the darndest thing how I end up with all the best players, waiting for other PCers to join these leagues so they can pick over the best of the non-Cy Youngs and MVPs.

And, golly wow, I happen to have all of them locked up for 2 seasons, which in PC land can often take me all the way to spring training of the next real MLB season.

How in the world can anyone believe this isn't a wonderfully fair and balanced strategy? It surely can't be shady to examine all angles of a game and decide that I'll limit my participation to those leagues where I have a clear edge from the first day the league is underway! I am just playing the game by the rules. How on earth can anyone say otherwise? I mean, please, the year is about to turn to 2020 and all of our overall records are going to reset, and if I do not give myself an advantage gifted to me by a glitch in the system, I may not be able to maintain my .700 win percentage.

I shudder to think of being in a league where the playing field is even for all participants, because I am sure that other GMs would gladly jump into these keeper leagues if they were aware, ahead of time, that I've stacked my team with 4 ringers before they even saw a single player to draft.

Now, while those games are playing, with Betts and Yelich and deGrom and Snell high-fiving each other as teammates for the next 2 seasons, I'll go partake in my other hobby: Playing ice hockey with 2nd Graders. This hockey league sent out a flyer saying all are welcome, and I am part of "all" so I am playing by the rules. I am on pace to score 700 goals in 12 games, but I'm doing nothing wrong, it's all part of the game.

Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

Whatever you may think of people using this exploit, it took a pretty sharp mind to spot it to begin with.

Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

I think the loophole is getting players on the cheap. So another option is let owner keep his up to 4 players from previous stat year, but once season ends apply the NEW contract $ values to those players. If team is now over the cap, owner will have to drop player(s) to get under the cap... else the SIM will auto-drop a player before the draft starts, to get under cap.

Also think the day 6 free agent frenzy could be fixed by just limiting the number of Adds to 1 per cycle up to game 10... or something like that. Not everyone can be at computer during that 5 minutes after day 6 completes when rest of decent free agents are taken.

Re: Re: Keeper leagues switching stat y

I don't know so much that it takes a sharp mind, It is more taking advantage of a flaw, and I think it's simple, if you find a league with such a set up simply leave and let it die it's natural death.

You can't use all those hidden gems if you have no competition because your League won't fill.

I was playing for almost 5 months before I learned about switching seasons. This put me at a big disadvantage compared to other owners who were aware of that ability.

I can chalk that up to a pretty underwhelming primer on playing the game, I don't expect to be handed the keys to the kingdom from day one, but crawling around in the dark and wondering what the heck happened is even more frustrating, and only a few folks will share that type of information - the rest like that I was uninformed, makes them feel smarter, that they have an unfair advantage, this site REALLY does need a better section for new owners if it wants to grow

The only way I discovered it was by seeing a guy I almost drafted as a 66 on another team as an 83, I was like what the hell is that? I thought they were cheating or something, but no, they had swapped a season is all.

It's funny that in Auto leagues a players Best Offensive season is selected - but in Custom leagues if the commissioner wants to be a dick he can change how a player is shown by changing his season, then draft him and take advantage, that's kind of shady too.
Fortunately the Custom league I am in has an honest and fair commissioner who don't play that crap.

But as Sol stated, some people are win at all cost.