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Bill ballou is a moron

Bill ballou is a moron

So this dumb boston writer says mo isnt deserving of the hall of fame. Really bro? Butt hurt much? The greatest reliever ever isnt deservi g of the hall of fame? Because he only pitched 70 innings or so a season? He entered and affected 60 plus games a season where starting pitchers only affect 25 to 35 games a season so how is your argument even valid? Thoughts?

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i mean, i kinda can see both sides. he was the greatest (tho thats debateable too, ask goose) at being.....not a starter. he was the greatest at.....mostly coming into games with no runners on (tho he had a few high profile games coming in with them on). his filthy stuff was composed of.....1 unhittable pitch, and thats pretty much it.

with the situation as it is, management and such dictating the creation of relievers and "closers" over time, he was the best at it by the standards set by the industry, and therefore an easy argyment to say he is worthy. there can still be a debate tho, especially when comparing him to starters in the HoF (if one doesnt believe in a made up position of "RP")

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The guy just wanted attention and got it. Its a different era, he doesn’t need to be compared to the old time closers who pitched more, just like we aren’t expecting players to bat .400 anymore or throw 300 innings. He clearly deserves it, despite all closers now obviously having some easy ones up 3 against bad teams.

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Lots of baseball writers are morons. They're critical of closers, the designated hitter, and hitters who play many years in Colorado. Arguing against them being in the Hall of Fame. They'll point to certain statistics to say the don't impact the game enough, not a "real" player cause they don't play the field, and their numbers were "inflated".

They fail to comprehend/accept that the game has dramatically changed. Whether they like it or not, it's not their place to keep someone out of the Hall of Fame because they don't approve of the legal, by the rules, position or ballpark they played in..

The complete game is rare, with managers relying heavily on their bullpen more than ever. We've gone from the multi inning closer, to set up man + closer, to specialists + set up man + closer, to the 5 inning start followed by a multitude of relievers. Who knows what's next, but the game evolves and that needs to be accepted.

The designated hitter has been around for 45 years and isn't going away. Yes, they don't play the field and it seems easy, but go read comments many players have made about it. Some say it's very difficult, the equivalent of pinch hitting 4 times in a game. There's players that say it's hard to come up to the plate when you're not in the flow of the game. Others say they simply don't enjoy doing it. Obviously, certain players thrive in the roll.

It would be nice, in both cases, if more designated hitters and relief pitchers were inducted. I'm hoping the history of each position gets looked at more closely. Lee Smith retired as the all time saves leader. Harold Baines retired as the all time leader in many statistics at DH. This is part of the history of the game! People have been critical, but these choices, by their peers, should open the doors to others to get in. Mo will get in this year. Looks like Edgar will also. Both more than deserving. Personally, I hope Billy Wagner gets in one day.

Coors Field isn't getting torn down and wasn't the first ballpark to have this effect. I could be wrong, but was anyone kept out of the Hall for playing at the Baker Bowl? Mel Ott was a dead pull hitter at the Polo Grounds and Duke Snider had a short porch in right field at Ebbets. On the flip side, have you ever heard of a pitcher not being elected to the Hall of Fame because they pitched in a pitchers park? They can't be elected because too many starts came with dimensions were too big and in their favor? Never.

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As an old school fan I haven't always embraced the DH and the idea of RP's getting into the Hall but in all honesty Crash's post was dead on.
Saves are a big part of this game now and the DH is not going away.
And agreed , a lot of players hated that DH position.

Well written Crash, you made me think .

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I was going to site a bunch of stats that point to Mo's greatness, like postseason history, his place among ERA, ERA + all-time leaders. ALL-TIME leaders. Not just modern era. But rather 'all-time' out of every guy to ever throw a baseball in a professional baseball history. Only considering modern era pitchers doesn't even do Mo justice.

So I'll implore others to look up all-time pitching leaders on baseball-reference.com, and be amazed for yourself at just how well this guy pitched on a constant basis. For a loooong time. In the Steroid Era. In multitudes of hitter's parks, his own, three others in his division alone.

The "one pitch" argument is one of the most discombobulated arguments I've ever heard. So you're saying the fact that hitters ALWAYS knew what was coming, THE SAME DAMN PITCH OVER AND OVER..and they STILL couldn't hit it with consistency, with HoF's even admitting that cutter gave them fits SOMEHOW HURTS HIS CAUSE ?? Its lunacy by any stretch..

The closer became a role in baseball. It did so long before Rivera debuted (as a SP) in 1995. But Mo perfected it and took it to a level no man has since. Maybe Kimbrel comes closest today. Not even Hoffman's raw numbers touch Rivera's. He's a Hall of Famer.

Go look up those leaderboards, like I said..you're gonna be EVEN MORE IMPRESSED.

And I HATE the Yankees. So there's zero bias on this end. Lol