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Importance of more rest vs normal rest?

Importance of more rest vs normal rest?

Just curious on opinions here. Only my 2nd season playing and here’s the scenario.

Going into game 7 of our WS and trying to determine who to start.

Here’s the deal:

Pitcher A- regular rotation to start game 7
Season stats: 8-4 (3.17 era), rk(53) has won 2 of 4 playoff games with the 2 wins pitching very well and the 1 loss/1 no decision not so well and the 1 loss was in current WS game 2 where he didn’t get out of the 2nd inning. Has had success during regular season though only allowing 2 er on previous 2 starts. 10 QS.

Pitcher B- is my 5th starter who due to playoff schedule and being in 4 man rotation hasn’t pitched since the end of the regular season. Finished season 6-8 (3.33 era), rk(48) and won 2 of last 4 with the 2 losses being stinkers. Overall pretty consistent. Vs team I’m playing now had 3 starts, 1-1 with no decision including a 9ip, 1 hit SO very early. 12 QS.

So as you can see overall stats are pretty similar with the biggest difference is rest period. So would you go with the guy on normal rest period who didn’t pitch very well in game 2 or roll the dice with the guy who has a ton of rest?

Curious on thoughts.

Re: Importance of more rest vs normal r

There is zero benefit to more rest. Once a player is rested, his Real Stats will be used to their full effectiveness.

The only thing that, for me, is important to check is, if one pitcher is right-handed and the other left-handed, which is your opponent least effective against? That is what compiled stats (his hitters' compiled stats) are most useful for, in my opinion.

If both your pitchers are throwing with the same arm, I'd always go with the pitcher who has lower h/9 in Real Stats, unless there is a noticeable difference in their h/9 in Compiled Stats. If one is significantly better in h/9 in Compiled Stats, I'd start him.

But, that is just my approach, and I've lost plenty. It's, essentially, a choose and hope when players' stats are as similar as you described.

Re: Importance of more rest vs normal r

There’s a lot to take in with that team having RPs with huge stamina but as far as your SPs go, your number 3 is better than your number 5 so go with that. I’d want him out of the game as soon as possible and your RPs in, and for game 7 don’t use setup/closer get your best RPs in game as soon as possible. Good luck.

Re: Re: Importance of more rest vs norm

That is a great idea. So just delete the set up and close roles and put those guys as. 1 and for relief?

Re: Re: Importance of more rest vs norm

Thank you for the suggestion. Both are Rhp.

Re: Importance of more rest vs norm

Or just add them to a role? My 1 and 2 relievers are good so if I keep them in their SU/CL roles and add them to day 3 and 4 out of the pen, does one take priority over another as far as bullpen priority?

Re: Re: Importance of more rest vs norm

They would take priority in a save situation, but because it's game 7, you don't want to risk them not coming into the game, even if you're down. That's why ybb suggested that you remove those designations for at least game 7.