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Opening in MLB EXPERIMENT(Wash)

Opening in MLB EXPERIMENT(Wash)

Nationals have become available in MLB EXPERIMENT 2025.

Fall ball has just wrapped up and those progressions distributed..next step is rookie draft, so the perfect time to join is NOW.

Nats are definitely in need of a rebuild as their current crop of vets, including Bryce Harper haven't been able to make the postseason in 5 seasons.

Please inbox me or respond via this post.

Two Openings in MLB EXPERIMENT(Wash)

The Pirates have become available. They are immediate postseason contenders, albeit in the same division as the loaded defending champs, St. Louis.

The Nats are primed to offload all their aging vets and gather some picks/prospects to aid in the future.

We just wrapped up Arizona Fall ball, headed into Rookie Draft. Quite literally the perfect time to join.

Great league, detailed, competitive, now in its 11th season.

Shoot me a private message or comment below. Thanks !

Re: Two Openings in MLB EXPERIMENT(Wash

I would take the nationals

Re: Re: Two Openings in MLB EXPERIMENT(

You're a bit new yet. Not really some of the best "learner" leagues. Detailed, quite a few wrinkles, some found in other leagues. Some not.

I'll keep you in mind for any openings at the end of the season into next season.
Meanwhile, if ya have any questions at all, PC related, I'd be happy to help. The community as a whole here is pretty good for the most part..

Re: Openings in MLB EXPERIMENT 2025

Nationals and Indians available.

We are preparing for Rookie Draft and Created Prospects.

Lots of great owners. Very competitive league.