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What Works Best?

What Works Best?

I've been on the site for a whopping 10 days now ... and have played 90 games across 7 leagues in those 10 days.

Wade Boggs (1988) had 34 strikeouts on the year.
He already has 15 for me in one league, after just 11 games.

I've watched other players dominate my lineups ... and when I acquire them in other leagues, they get torched (specifically pitchers).

I know it's a simulation and the yearly averages are just that, averages over a year, and that anything can happen in a 1-game SIM.

It just feels to me like the players don't really play to their seasonal totals. Yes, small sample of 90 total games, I get that. But in my one auto/ redraft league (in season 2056), I look back at historical performance and none of the pitchers seem to perform well. (Many are 0.30 higher in WHIP.)

I guess this is a long-winded way of asking for perspective? And tips. (I've heard that power works on both offense and pitching) and defense is now a key attribute. Anything else the veterans wish to share?

Much appreciated!

Re: What Works Best?

Don't expect players to play to their real stats.
They will face way better opposition that they did for that one single season.They are now facing the best
pitcher, at their best season, in a narowed down 12 teams league. So expect Boggs, Gwynn to K at a higher rate, they are not facing any 5th starter anymore...only aces...

2nd, I saw one of your lineup, you Have Singleton, who's -2Dwar in cf... you wan't best Dwar possible in Cf,2B,ss.
Don't look too much for fld%, look for Dwar.

good Dwar will greatly help your pitching.

You dont have all your position filled in that league.You are missing a SS...

In your 2000 league, your are playing a 2b Castillo at ss, this is quite a no-no, this position is too important to have a secondary position player playing in that spot.

Stick to basic, especially if your are starting, play legitimate players to their respective positions.

When looking for pitchers, focus on whip, h per 9, k
per 9 before anything else, forget about W-L, ERA...

Don't give up, you are just starting, it will take couple of thousands games until you start to have a feel at how the game works. Look at successfull owners and try to analise a bit what they are doing, this is pretty how I was able to handle the game better.

Good Luck and stay safe!

Re: Re: What Works Best?

Appreciate the feedback.

I'll make some changes in the morning. :)

Re: What Works Best?

Further tips - your Boggs with the 15 Ks is in a Custom League... those can vary wildly in terms of results because the player pools are so unique... that one for example is skewing toward hitting. To get good in a custom league, it can sometimes take time to learn that specific league. Auto Leagues are more consistent, the league BA tends to be around .250, ERA around 4.1-4.5. In one of your leagues Boggs is hitting .180 but it's early, he will bounce back as he has a career .280 BA in that pool.