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Many blown saves

Many blown saves

I'm sure this post belongs elsewhere, but I wanted it to be seen. I created a sandbox league of 24 teams. Mass created enough players for each team to fill a roster (obviously), plus a handful of free agents. After the 36th game, all teams combined has around 140 blown saves!! It's so annoying, cuz I'm such a stat geek, and was hoping league wide stats would be realistic. Offensive numbers are good (12 HRs, 38 RBI, 3.80 avg etc amongst league leaders). But blown saves is killing me. If I spent time editing players stats to begin leveling this off, should I lower H/9, SO/9, BB/9, RA/9 for all 24 S/U and closers?

Re: Many blown saves

No single pitcher has more than 4 BS in 36 games so that’s not bad. The ones who have 3-4 are mostly really bad pitchers. Remember, a BS can happen in any late inning, not just 9th. They happen all the time. In fact, current mlb stats almost mirror yours. Teams have played 35-40 games and there are about 130-140 BS