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Free agency and new quick draft

Free agency and new quick draft

First of all I would like to state that the current free agent signing (after game 6) I think is a good system. I do not think owners who are on the ball and sign guys quickly should be out on a different level with those that are not paying attention. The supplemental draft already does that. I really do not want to see a waiver wire system or really any replacement and I'd like to be on record with that.

I've done two quick drafts and my only input on my limited usage of it, is that I have found it difficult to keep track of the positions. I like to draft fast and I feel like I have to spend more time thinking about the positions I have drafted and the ones I need. I have drafted twice, the first team came out awesome, the second was so bad I quit the league. Anyways just my two cents.

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

I love the idea of a couple Supplemental Drafts instead of a FA free-for-all.

I am afraid you counter your own argument...

Two supplementals will, in fact, help those GMs who are paying attention, who are "on the ball." With multiple supplementals, those of us on the site more often will be able to rank players easier for a 2nd Supplemental than those GMs who are not paying as much attention.

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

I figured you would have something to say. How exactly am I countering my own argument.

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

You say the FA free-for-all is good for those GMs who are paying attention. Another supplemental means a GM would have to pay attention 3x instead of 2x... that helps those of us on here more often.

A second supplemental in the middle of the first supplemental and the FA free-for-all would clearly reward GMs who pay attention, but you make it sound like another supplemental would somehow punish those of us who pay attention.

I am on here very often -- too often -- and I missed the FA signing period for the most recent Quick Draft I joined. Makes it tough to compete for the trophy. Tough to compete isn't as annoying for those who don't pay attention, but for those of us who are, I get to watch, closely, a team that is weaker because I missed the two or three hour window of FA.

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

First I was referring to a waiver wire process but I agree supplemental is good for the very best remaining players when the season begins but afterwards I like the way it is. Having a free for all to round out your roster seems appropriate after this process. If I'm setting my watch so I can grab one or two guys that will help me I should be rewarded for that. Not to have to sit through a second supplemental draft where everyone has a day to configure it and not a waiver wire process.

I think the free agent free for all is realistic, because its kind of like that in the real world (except there are no salaries of course) and rewards those who are on the ball. Just like teams in the real world who target their guys and aggressively pursue them. I disagree with your premise that a supplementary draft benefits people on here a lot. Most of the leagues I play it every single team puts together a supplementary draft list, so I dont see the advantage.

Remember too that these free agent signings are just rounding out the roster and if you have done well in the quick draft and the supplemental then really the moves are refining your team. If you are relying on free agency to have a good team vs a bad one then my friend your team is likely doomed regardless if you miss the game 7 free for all.

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

My idea on the waiver is to only have it last a certain number of days and limit how many you can get. So let’s say you can get one new player after each of the first six games then it becomes free for all.


Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Another important factor to consider is that due to different time zones, it may be difficult to be somewhere at a very specific time, which bye the way SHOULD be displayed, less than an hour can be 59 minutes or 1 minute.

I have been in a couple of quick drafts where the last slot is filled by someone in Europe, and if they carefully select which Leagues to enter as the last owner, they can manipulate the system to insure the Supplemental Draft happens at an advantageous time for them

Then they get the 1st 2 guys after the Supplemental, that's very powerful. Having 2 Supplemental drafts would kill that.

Why isn't the time to the next SIM displayed more exactly?

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

I just feel like the way the system is now rewards those that work hard by researching which guys they go after and setting their watches so they can try and grab them. If I miss this time and lose out on the players I want, I dont get mad at the game. I get mad at myself for not paying enough attention.

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Yea but at some point everyone has that advantage of the time zones.

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

yes but only after each team has taken another 6 guys, not as bad.

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

I suppose I wouldn't be averse to having the times down to the minute. It certainly would help me from refreshing my screen over and over again for an hour. But again marking it to the minute benefits those that are not paying attention.

Also I disagree that grabbing two guys in free agency after the supplemental draft makes that big of an impact unless there are only a couple of teams that out together a predraft ranking. This scenario is unusual.

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

I mean we are talking about the back end of the bullpen, bench, and rotation most of the time. I really dont see an issue with the current system at all. I just looked back at some of my recent free agency periods and I'm almost always first and the types of players are bench players and 4th and 5th starters. I just dont see the issue.

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

I routinely see supplemental drafts where only say 9 owners submit picks, that's an extra 9 guys that should not be available, it does make a difference

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

I like the WM's idea of limiting the FA acquisitions to one new player after 1st six games.

Best solution.

That is very fair and those who pay attention are helped most.

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Just to explain a few issues I think my proposal solves:

1) If you miss the supp draft, you are really penalized. You've missed your only chance at three more truly impact players. Staggering this across each game would at least give someone who misses the first waiver, or even the first two, a fighting chance to grab at least one impact player.

2) People really hate that they have to play three games on the schedule without more impact players. This would at least allow you to add one great player after just one game, a second after two games, etc.

3) It drops the free for all, where people can benefit simply by being online at the right time. Granted, I never thought the players remaining at this point were all that valuable, but people really dislike the free for all.

Let me say, I'm all for not doing extra work if the current system is working. I just know this gets brought up a lot. In the survey a few months back, the unfairness of the Auto League free agency was a major topic mentioned by many people.

*note, the sim time is approximate so it can't really get more exact on the My League List page.

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Ultimately I am sure I'm biased because I am almost always that guy who sets my watch and scoops up any player I think can help my team. This is from a selfish perspective I suppose. I just feel like a lot of the complaints like time zones and missing the supp draft can be fixed by an owner playing the game better, rather than changing the game to make it better for those who dont try as hard.

I also dont view it as a time thing. I have 4 kids, two jobs as a trooper and in the mass guard, and I still typically am right there at the end of the supp draft and the opening of free agency scooping up what I can to make my teams better. I'm not saying that I'm anything special, just saying I dont see anything wrong with the game.

However I would be kept RF and I frigging love the change to dwar so I'm not always right, just expressing my opinion.

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Preach Trulaia!

No need to change supplemental draft or free agency

Daily Draft already exists for those who complain about Auto Leagues

Anybody who enters a league should be disappointed in themselves for missing these important opportunities.

I also have a kid and work. I also rarely miss an opportunity to improve my team. Also,i don’t think I’m anything special. If you want something, be responsible, play within the rules, and show up on time.

....hate the player , not the game

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Completely overlooked in this discussion, thus far: In the current Quick Draft experience (after the games start) there are TWO free-for-alls that are wholly dependent on who is online in a small window of time. We haven't even addressed the first free-for-all: Immediately after Game 3 sims.

1.) Free-For-All One: After Game 3 sims, any GM can add from 2-5 FAs WITHOUT dropping anyone. All teams are forced to Quick Draft 23 players. Then, when Game 3 sims, a Supplemental Draft is run where all GMs can get up to 3 FAs. Then, immediately after Game 3 sims, all GMs can add any FA without dropping anyone. Any GM who got 3 players in the Supplemental can add 2 more FAs. Any GM who didn't rank anyone for the Supplemental could get 5 FAs, free.

2.) Free-For-All Two: The already scrutinized free-for-all after Game 6.

The post-Game 3 "Free-For-All One" is what can really swing a league to those GMs who get there first. Why's that? Because if only 9 GMs rank players for the Supplemental (as SCM astutely pointed out), that makes 9 more relatively high quality FAs available for "Free-For-All One," long before the "official" FA period after Game 6.

In the league I mentioned earlier in this thread (link below), the same GM came out of the Quick Draft to pick 2nd in the Supplemental, then was first to the post Game 3 FA "Free-For-All One," then was third to the post Game 6 FA "Free-For-All Two." Good for him for being active (I would normally write "good for him or her", but it's safe to say the unfortunately named team is not run by a female).

I'm a veteran GM and as active as anyone, and I completely missed Free-For-All One. It lasts for about 24 hours. I missed it completely. I got there second after Game 6, but didn't even drop anyone. I hadn't done a Quick Draft in awhile, and I had forgotten the nuances of how to build a winning club, as dictated by the two Free-For-Alls.

The point is: The WMs proposed fix to the Quick Draft would eliminate TWO Free-For-Alls that are completely dependent on timing online and knowing (or remembering) the "tricks" to work the system. I'd, personally, rather every GM have an equal chance to build a winning club based on analysis & decision-making, rather than timing & working the system. The WM's proposed changes would really push the Quick Draft leagues toward analysis & decision-making, and, therefore, I love the proposed changes.

Again, I think active and skilled GMs are always helped when the outcome is more reliant on analysis & decision-making. And, newer GMs will have to learn those skills, as opposed to learning when to be online to get an advantage.


PS: My team is the Raging Thunder, I have no idea why so many unfunny team names congregated into this league.

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

A snapshot of my obscenely long post:

There are actually TWO Free-For-Alls in the current Quick Draft leagues, both of which reward timing instead of just analysis.

I think active and skilled GMs are always helped when the outcome is more reliant on analysis & decision-making, than on who is online when & who has learned the tricks of the current Quick Draft system.

The WM's proposed change to the Quick Draft experience would really reward analysis & decision-making, instead of timing. And, therefore, I love that the proposed changes have a shot to make the WM's "List of Changes To The Game."

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Mr RagingSol, you are so eloquent in how you write, but it seems like you’re having a difficult time understanding the nuances of setting a timer.
This way is actually an advantage to you if you’re on line as much as you say.
I understand you will probably keep hammering your point home, but just wanted to point out the simplicity of this

✌️No matter, keep enjoying!

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

I find it laughable that just because an owner himself has no problems setting aside a time to be available for the supplemental and Free for all, that everyone else should just be able to as well.

If only it were that simple, but in the middle of a 6 hour surgery, sometimes it's simply not convenient to make sure my team is represented at the free for all.

Another quirk which no one has discussed is a script, I can personally tell you that there ARE owners running a script which basically executes projected pickups
as soon as the games complete on day 3.

I know because I ran the sims (all at once) and then headed straight to Free Agency, didn't even bother to see what I got in the supplemental.

2 guys had already been picked up- in 10 seconds?? Sorry that's just not possible, the site doesn't function THAT fast. Only automation would do that.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, I have encountered this same thing many times, at different sites, on different games, if someone can weasel an edge they will, then pat themselves on the back.

THAT might be a reason some don't want a more equitable system, it decreases their edge.

This is NOT directed or calling out anyone commenting on this by the way, just an observation

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

I can attest that I can sign 2 guys in 10 seconds and I dont even need a prescription (that's a joke for the humorless in reference to sincitys post).

Kodus to you for your good work as a surgeon and I mean that. But then again life will always get in the way but I dunno I feel like everyone has something and wont be one of the top every single time.

I'm with Colin, I think the game is pretty great. The only thing I'd like to see is a new league chopping up 1970 to present into 1970 to 1999 and 2000 to present. Actually I will start another thread on this and see how many takers there a re e this time.

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Ya well, I am not a surgeon, it was a figure of speech, but even my normally fairly uncluttered time gets taken away by obligations-

Can't pick up Free Agents in Church, or things like that, in meetings in work, driving, etc,

It's not like its a major fail, but requiring pin-point timing for a "FUN" pastime or you get a team that stinks for 2 months really is LESS than optimal.

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Yes, I also can sign 2 guys in 10 seconds . I already know who is there bcuz I’m watching transactions and the free agency list. It only takes a little organization, obviously if you have better things to do (surgery comes 1st) you need to prioritize
I’m also the one who usually sims the 3rd and 6th games bcuz I’ve set my timer.
You obviously put a lot more work into your career and it has payed off. It seems like I’ve made some poor decisions and have too much time for PC Lol

All joking aside, the rules are there, most auto leagues run exactly the same, so play within the structure. (Or your team may suffer)

Seeing as how I only play PC on my phone, I’ve never logged on once on an actual computer, and I can’t even provide links to my lineups, I doubt me or anyone else on this site is doing some automated weirdness.
I simply pay too much attention to PC

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Agreed, doesn’t have to be a script to set up the pickups fast. I’ve never heard of the use of a script by anyone on PC but wouldnt be surprised. Anyway, the obvious point is still there, it’s a big disadvantage to not be available for that FA free for all no matter what you do in life. So hopefully changes address that.

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

I think it's awesome that Colin and others have that much passion for the game, and I regret that changes like this could diminish that passion or even result in losing great users of the website.

But at some point, as the steward of the site, I have to make a tough decision. I think it's pretty obviously not fair and quite a turn off to many if not most newcomers, and even some long time users. I also don't think a daily waiver would remove the advantage that active users have. In fact, if we run waivers after the first or second game, you still have to be on the ball, and many won't be. My bigger concern is actually making sure those first waiver picks aren't so fast so as to be unfair.

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Ok, so for those who complain, simply slide it up your priority list in life.
No point in complaining , if someone tells you to be somewhere 5pm and they’ll give you a #3 starting pitcher but you only show up at 6:30.

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

So, this is getting stretched out to Day 6 of a season now? All 12 teams must be equal at day 6 of the season? Lol Why not just prepare 12 ready made rosters, call it a “Really Quick Draft” and fast forward to day 6 where all teams can be 3-3.
Then the rest of the season can be determined by whichever team sends their fast runners 35% of the time compare to the team that’s sends them only 25% of the time. Or who pulls their starters after 4 innings compared to 5. Please don’t read this in an angry tone, I’m pointing out how comical this is getting.

I used to love the “lottery feel” of drafting my teams. Sometimes I would get an above average roster that I felt good going into a season with. Now, not so much

If In fact this starts to happen, where all teams are close on a talent basis, then maybe it’s time to start thinking about adding more managing options, to make it more “your” team?!?

Thank for everything Guy, always appreciated!

Re: Re: Free agency and new quick draft

To quote Shakespeare: Hyperbole thy name is Boucher.

Re: Free agency and new quick draft

Great comment as always “Board Buddy”.
We often have different point of views, yet we can both have fun playing the same game. Gotta love it.

You think I’m exaggerating , but I think it’s a shame you can’t see the reality in what I said.

Anyways, I hope you start playing more Auto leagues once these changes are implemented. There should be plenty of openings.

Don’t think I made any punctuation or grammatical errors, but I’m sure I’ll know soon if I did 😉