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Me again. ?? re: game 5 playoffs SP

Me again. ?? re: game 5 playoffs SP

My auto league grants day of rest following game 4.
Do I put my #1 SP in the 5th spot of rotation to assure he starts 5th game?? The playoff schedule doesn't show you schedules SPs like regular season schedule does.

Re: Me again. ?? re: game 5 playoffs SP

You ALWAYS place the pitcher you want to start most often (usually your Highest ranked) in the # 1 slot, the sim will always start that pitcher if he is rested. If he needs rest, the Sim will take the # 2 slot, and so on.

The Sim does not care about your "Rotation" it starts the # 1 STARTING Priority Pitcher when ever it can - same with RP except that if you have a set up man or Closer and if the parameters you have established for them to enter are met, THEY will enter.