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Annual Leaderboard Leaders

Annual Leaderboard Leaders

12/31 gbacci Announcements 0 0
Happy new year all.

Here's your 2021 recap:

Rreebe916 - a new baseball win champ, winning 32,160 auto league games. WorcWarrior right behind at 30,946.

ColinBoucher .680 (~15,000 gms) and ClassicOs .665 (~15,000 gms) led the baseball win pct category.

Hoops Playground: Dalpho led with 3,582 wins and BDavids led the PCT category at .716. Jamin was close behind at .711.

Hoops Hardcourt: Bdavids led in wins at 4,931, with Jamin edging out in PCT .751 to Bdavids' .749 (granted in far fewer total games).

Here's to 2022!

Re: Annual Leaderboard Leaders

I was simply happy enough to have jumped up into the top 100 in auto league wins with only a few weeks left in the year lol