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Ready to get my feet wet commissioning a league.
Any suggestions. There are so many options. I am thinking of starting in the 70's and progressing from there. Possibly not using real franchises and starting with a snake draft of players from 1970 than adding rookies each year and in year 2 introducing an international signing period of fictitious players that would be bid on as FA.

Have a salary cap and FA would be bid on before season 2 as well as international players. Have a rookie draft each year. Limit # of contracts per team as well. Use a point system for bidding on internationals. (its for 1st place, improvement incentives, etc.

Any thoughts?

Re: Newbie

There's really no wrong way to do it, per se. The beauty is that you can do what you want (and hope enough others want to play along). My only suggestion is to have played other custom leagues enough to know what works well, what doesn't, what seems manageable, and so forth. You may want to start more simply, and add complexities as you get the hang of commishing.