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SP Stamina

SP Stamina

Hi all,

We are currently drafting in League 1396 - Best of the 70s. (My Team is the Fishbulbs.) I drafted two "aces" in 1972 Don Sutton and 1972 Catfish Hunter. I almost always check each player I draft, just to see if they have an alternate season that I like better.

When I looked, I noticed that 1972 Don Sutton shows as 140 Stamina in his "see other seasons available" list, but my roster shows him as 137. Not a big deal, but odd.

Then I checked Catfish, and his 1972 season shows as 136 stamina, but my roster lists stamina at 121. This is unusual. I checked my other pitchers and they match.

15 pitches could be 1 additional IP per start, and I would certainly prefer ~30 extra IP from an ace across a season.

Has anyone else seen anything similar, where the stamina does not match? Is this a problem that corrects itself post-draft?

I am happy to try "swapping seasons" temporarily and then swapping back to 1972 to see if that changes it, but the swaps are locked for the draft duration, so I thought I'd ask here first.


Re: SP Stamina

I just imported them into a sandbox league and they came
In as 140 and 136 as expected

I checked a random best of 70s league and they are 137 and 121 so it’s those leagues for some reason

I checked a 70s to present league and while Sutton is at 140, Hunter is at 126.

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Thanks YankeeBB,

A little unclear:

Are you essentially saying if catfish hunter plays in the 70s he can only throw 121 pitches, but if he plays in ATG he’s 136? (As in, ‘It’s a feature, not a bug?’)

Or are you saying there’s a problem with all 70s leagues, where some pitchers staminas are incorrect, and we should see if gbacci can fix this?

Thanks again for taking the time.

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I’m saying it’s definitely different in different leagues, but I don’t know the reason

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My guess is that when they were originally imported years ago the formula for stamina was slightly different... try swapping seasons and see if that fixes them.

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I'm in the same league and see a number of my pitchers have the same issue. I didn't notice it until reading your post. Hopefully it's something we can fix.

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Honey, is that you?

"There's a spider making a web in that corner up there. We have to knock that down and get rid of it."

By "we" you mean me.

A few stamina counts difference from the current import of a pitcher isn't something that needs "fixed." It isn't giving one GM an unfair advantage over another in the game.

There's likely many more incidents where the same pitchers have different staminas in different leagues. The stamina isn't changing during the season and didn't change since drafted, so there isn't anything that needs fixed.

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I see it happening on many of my teams, for multiple pitchers...

I see starting pitchers with a 15-20 stamina difference... They go from 105 to 120 or even 130 + stamina if you go to change stats for the same giving year. This is 1 to 2 extra innings every starts from a starting pitcher... so yes it his quite a huge difference....

Some relievers are going from 20 to 28, and even some long relievers are going from 25 to 38... they can become a 2 innings or 3 innings relievers...

This is good point that was brought up....

example attached, Irvin Santana see is stamina going from 105 to 120.

in a second example both Javier Vazquez and Jake Peavy both have a lower stamina that they should, 110 to 116 for Peavy, 105 to 120 for Vazquez...

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I posted a genuine question about whether this was an issue or not. Guy replied and indicated the staminas are not intentionally being adjusted by the sim. Therefore, they should match what the player card indicates.

The remedy is to complete the draft, change the player’s season, and then change it back to the original season, which should correct the issue.

Perhaps this is not a big deal to you, that’s fine. But I’m likely not alone in noticing the discrepancy, so I asked.

Re: Re: SP Stamina

@ KingDude, your original post is excellent, an anomaly that board readers would like to know.

gbacci gave a potential solution to address the anomaly, which is excellent. He always does excellent work and offers viable solutions for anomalies that pop up on this complex, free website.

You didn't follow-up, though, to report that the suggested remedy worked to adjust the stamina.

Then, someone else posted to reiterate that the original anomaly was present with some of his pitchers, but he also didn't report that the suggested solution successfully changed the stamina. Not only was there no feedback that the offered solution worked, he was hoping "we" could get it fixed.

Then, after my post, another GM triplicated the original post and seemed to push us into a full-blown Staminatastrophe.

None of you, though, offered any follow-up or gave any feedback that said, "Hey, gbacci, your solution worked. Thank you!"

gbacci's solution does work to adjust staminas. I had an SP and an RP on one of my teams that showed slightly different staminas on their "See Other Seasons Available" page as compared to the Real Stats they had on my team. The SP could gain a couple stamina points by using gbacci's solution, the RP, though, would lose a stamina point if I used the switch on him.

I switched the SP to a random different season, then immediately switched him back to his best season, and, voila, the stamina in his Real Stats now is the same as the stamina on his "See Other Seasons Available" page. I gained two stamina points on my ace. Excellent. The RP, I didn't switch because I don't want to lose stamina.

Thanks, gbacci, the solution you offered worked.

Now, board readers can check every pitcher they have, if they desire, to see if they can get a couple stamina points on some pitchers. So, yes, "we" can fix it, meaning we, not he.

The formula for stamina changed after some of the pitchers were originally imported. Board readers now know how to switch their pitchers if the new stamina formula would increase one of our pitcher's stamina counts.

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I will acknowledge, it's an issue if some people know to change it and some people don't. Unfortunately right now I don't have an easy way to globally fix everyone. I will put that on the to-do list. But yeah for now, it's worth checking all your pitchers.

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It seems that once a player is adjusted by a GM, the player will stay that way for all future seasons, so it's an anomaly that only has a downward trajectory of occurrence over time.

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I didn't reply with a follow up because we are in a daily draft league, (mentioned early in my first post) and that draft is ongoing. As I'm sure you're aware, player changes are now locked mid-draft to prevent someone drafting 7 OF by switching seasons.

I have not had an opportunity to make any changes and/or confirm if Guy's suggestion worked or did not work. The other owner who mentioned they are in the same league as me is obviously in the same boat.

Sounds like one person has tried this and succeeded. I have not, but plan to give it a shot when it's eligible.

I remain grateful to all owners who offer input to improve the game, and especially grateful to GBACCI for his work to fix even minor issues. I love PC and appreciate Guy's efforts to make things run smoothly.

Re: SP Stamina


Regarding the "we" fix vs "he" fixes portion of your recent post. You seem to be indicating that we should take ownership to fix things and not expect Guy to solve every problem all the time.

I agree with your comment in principle, but in the case of Catfish Hunter, none of his other seasons are 121 Stamina. So (at least in my case) there was no indication this was the work of some other owner changing his season and locking his stamina in some less desirable setting.

I said in my original post I was willing to try swapping seasons as a fix- but it wasn't unreasonable to guess that might not work, given the stamina 121 for Catfish is not listed anywhere else on his player card.

I think it benefits the collective to give owners who find issues the benefit of the doubt in that they (we?) (I?) are/am not just bringing things to Guy and saying "fix this."

I do still value the discussion, and thank you for taking the initiative to try the solution and report back.

Re: Re: SP Stamina

Well this latest debate is quickly turning into a civilized exchange of thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. Not sure what to make of it. PC tradition dictates that one of the posters tears a strip off the other, due either to stupidity or some perceived slight, to which the original poster retaliates with something even worse, and usually inappropriate. It then continues to escalate until Webmaster GBacci is forced to step in and take down the post, even threatening to ban some posters on occasion.

This new approach looks strange to the eye. Not sure there's a place for it here on PC, but let's all give it a chance and see how it plays out.

Yours reasonably,

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Makes sense. Can't test the solution in the middle of the draft. I tested the solution, and the solution gbacci offered is verified to work to adjust the anomaly.

The main point I was trying to make is that the stamina anomaly isn't really a problem, as all players in the league were imported under the same formula, whatever that formula was at the time. No GM should be looking at their pitchers and saying, "This stamina is wrong." In fact, that stamina is consistent with how all other staminas were originally calculated in that data set (a.k.a. that league).

But, that point I made is now slightly askew since staminas of some pitchers can be updated via the new formula. Two different formulas in the mix is not a big deal, in my opinion, but I'm not going to initiate that debate. I am curious to see whether the changes made to a pitcher's stamina this season will remain when the league moves to the next draft and season. I think the change will be permanent, which would make the stamina anomaly one that will fade over time as "in-the-know" GMs adjust pitchers' staminas to the new formula.

Re: Re: SP Stamina

This thread seems to be winding down with a good resolution but since I was called out for not responding earlier, I feel like I should respond.

Like Kingdude, I could not immediately test Gbacci's suggestion since we are in the middle of the draft. I would test and report back here but sounds like it's already been tested so it won't be needed.

Ragingsol, it seems you took offense to my use of the word "we" in my earlier post. I assure you, I meant no disrespect to Gbacci or the group. I wasn't telling anyone they should fix the problem. I am new to this website but I assume that this is a community that works together to answer questions and solve issues when needed. "We" seemed like an appropriate word to use given the context and the fact that we all could work together to solve an issue.

I'm sensing from this and other posts I've read that there has been a problem in the past of people demanding things to be done. That wasn't my intention, sorry if it was interpreted that way.

Re: SP Stamina

Yeah, I bungled that one. You guys couldn't test the suggestion since you were still drafting. In my defense, I'm not very bright.

I didn't explain myself very well in my first post. I realized there probably wasn't an easy fix to what was being described, other than the suggestion being offered. It was my impression the suggestion didn't work, but that was not the case.

My subsequent posts better explain why I don't see it as a problem, since all pitchers in the leagues being discussed had their staminas set using the same (old) formula. The irony that the stamina anomalies are now more of a bug because some of us know to update them to the newer stamina formula is not lost on gbacci. To that irony I say: If a GM spends the time going into "See Other Seasons" for all his/her pitchers, that GM deserves a few bonus stamina points.

In conclusion: I blame yankee.

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I can confirm (like Ragingsol) I was also able to change to the "correct" 1972 Stamina for Catfish Hunter and Don Sutton by their changing seasons for a minute, and then changing back. This is a super easy fix.

For those who wish to take the time, it is a worthy endeavor to double check your pitchers and adjust accordingly. I am estimating this change could net me an additional 15-20 IP across the season from a "star" pitcher.

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You don't have to change seasons... Just click on current season. It will update.

I've also had pitchers overstated in league vs stat line. Of course I leave them alone. 😀