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Stop the Insanity !

Stop the Insanity !

First off, I thoroughly enjoy this site and appreciate all the hard work Guy has put into it.

I appreciate all the hard work GOOD commishes put into some incredibly thought out and detailed leagues, and I also appreciate all those intelligent, shrewd, competitive owners that echo that sentiment to me in regards to the leagues I run. And I want to preface that I'm not calling on others to 'do what I do' or put as much minutia and detail into their leagues as I do. The wonderful melting pot of leagues that is PC is what makes it some of the most fun a baseball obsessed numbers junkie can have anywhere in the world.

With that said, there seems to be a few leagues either flaming out or changing hands. Sh*t happens. I'm a father of 6, 3 who are special needs. Nobody understands real life comes first more than me.

Here's my issue: What is with detailed custom leagues being taken over by owners who have seemingly never manned Commish tools before?

I understand how a league can become alot to undertake, but the mentality of 'Please, ANYBODY take this league from me ASAP', rather than carefully picking successors makes for unnecessary mistakes, errors, oversights, shortsights to take place. The league will die or become full of been A and slackers rather than the cream of the Custom league crop.

If you read up on it here, Guy goes into detail about what is expected from a Commish, and also the level of experience they should garner before they take the next step, as well as what to put to use in a Sandbox in order to learn the ropes.

The guys taking over some of these leagues know everything already and you can't give them any direction or help. "They know what they're doing.", even as they muddle tasks, make errors, throw jumbled homepage stories up, make radical changes without any league vote..

Take it as I'm a dick or know-it-all if you wish, but you have to crawl before you can run.

If you want to run a league, LEARN HOW TO RUN ONE FIRST BEFORE TO YOU GO TORPEDOING AN ACTIVE, SUCCESSFUL ONE. Please, it doesn't have to become the next Real Deal, or WAR Room, or MLB on PC, or SARMLB.. But acting like you know what youre doing when you don't doesn't win supporters. It drives owners away. Owners who put alot of work into their franchises.

There's tons of help available. UTILIZE IT. Unless you are starting a brand new league or rebooting, there ARE ALREADY RULES IN PLACE. You can't just decide to throw out half the process on the fly. Get rid of what you feel like, change progression schemes, all without any of it being put to a vote.. Changing things without the input of all other owners is careless. With no previous commish experience, its downright stupid. More owners should speak up when they see these things, so they get corrected, rather than "not wanting to rock the boat" and standing idly by while a league they enjoy suffers. Needed to put this out there. It is extremely frustrating to watch...

End of Rant

Re: Stop the Insanity !

The first reply to this thread was a personal attack on a commish - I will delete this entire thread if this continues... we don't do this on the public board. If you have a problem with a commissioner, you come to me, and if enough users of the league come to me, I will likely ban the commish - if only one or two users come to me, then there's not much I can do - you are not forced to stay in any custom league, there are many of them out there. I also highly suggest rating that commissioner so people can know it's not an ideal league - the league will eventually fold if it's not run well.

Re: Re: Stop the Insanity !

That's not the dialogue I've intended to start, its more of a "there's no shame in learning" and there's many people here who can help. Also to stress the point that a league is for the enjoyment of all who are apart of the league. If youre treating it like a dictatorship or authoritarian rather than a co-op or thinktank, then in my opinion, you're doing it wrong.

Those that pay their $20 to start a new league, hey, go nuts...but when you're handed an existing league, please have some respect for it. Its a community, not just your shiny new toy.

Re: Re: Stop the Insanity !

Slater makes some good points, and I am not disagreeing with him, but the WM is right: A league not run well goes dark quicker than Barry O in a Rowdy Roddy Piper sleeper hold.

I'm going to piggyback on Slater's froth and encourage anyone who is not in a Custom League to take a look at them, and consider joining one or two. Not easy to win, for sure, but when you join a well-run Custom League it is usually a fun and different PC experience.

Or, you can go into the User page of someone you recognize and click thru to the Private League's he/she is in and get a feel for what goes on in a well-run league.

Custom Leagues, even the best ones, are ALWAYS looking for quality GMs, as turnover happens (as life gets in the way) so take the leap and start the insanity.

Re: Stop the Insanity !

Jay going all Susan Powter on the boards https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjfB4..

Re: Stop the Insanity !

Why do I thInk that Jay’s rant is somehow directed at me? I have taken over a league that was going to whither in the vine. I have made some mistakes - the biggest and most grievious being clearing all contracts. However, that error paved the way to an interesting situation where teams are playing without deals over the year, in effect a player is auditioning for a contract at the end of the year. For me it is a learning process and Jay might suggest to keep that to the sandbox. I would just ask that Jay show some empathy for a new commish (and others in the league) and offer advice with a little less vehemence.!


Re: Re: Stop the Insanity !

Yes, you among others..

I DO offer advice, just if it's involved or involves work, you seem to ignore or dismiss it.

You got rid of Rule 5 draft without a vote. It's been all the same 6,8 teams going to the postseason, Al ost yr in and yr out. Now you just eliminated one of the ways lower tier team acquire some of their talent.
Then the draft.

In an all U progression league,we have an alphabet draft class. Then when we mention it, instead of retstarting, you just change everyone back to a U. People made picks based on what you put out in the first place.

Cheaply made a few future statmonsters and just dumped a bunch of FA old guys in and called it a draft.
Yes, you accidentally eliminated contracts, then your solution is "oh well, sign them at season's end", then hold FA bidding after not making owners sign x number of players.
That's why I bid $100/1 on Vargas to prove without having players signed first, a FA period is ridiculous. Just do what I did to win a player.

Then there's the levels. Rank was implemented right before last season, Jeremy had to adjust on the fly, and the levels were really, really low. Like 1968 low.

So we all talked about how they would need to be tested and reworked. I explained to the BEST WAY to do this, and how to test where you're at. It's work, so you ignored it.

You stated some nonsense about different offense and defense trends through time in sports, like "oh well, at least we will all be at the same level."


Pitching dominant teams will be untouchables if you don't tweak the offense enough. A heavy hitting lineup will spray all over and hit .320 as a team if you tweak too high. Rank now drives the SIM. Without adjusting levels properly,NO PLAYER WILL PLAY AT THEIR APPROPRIATE TALENT LEVEL.

Some of us have been in these leagues for over 5 seasons. "Yours" in particular, My Twins have lost a WS, lost two ALCS in a row the two yrs prior, and I've built them into one of the best 5 teams in the league, year in, year out. It's been one of my leagues I really want to win a ring in and have been close a ton of times. As has Krtyler, Cobbkaline, Martyred, Jeremys14, Borg..

Without tempering some of these things I spoke on, It will feel really cheap if I win a ring in C&R now. Because you're not doing the proper things to level the playing field.

The homepage FA story is jumbled and hard to understand. You're in other leagues. You see how most of us do things, all different, but all similar. It isn't reinventing the wheel.

It's just a mess now man.

Re: Stop the Insanity !

You have a lot to say, but you sure didn’t put your hand up when the league was not running at all. So I volunteered. Now, if you are that unhappy Jay, I will step aside . To be frank I find your manner rude. I have seen you in other leagues being very cruel to other league members.

Re: Re: Stop the Insanity !

Cruel? Please degine cruel. I don't name-call, I don't insult.

I would have loved to run it, but I run 3 already.

Don't play the victim now with the "I'll step down, blah, blah, "..

Just listen to feedback and ask a ton of questions. There is no shame in "I don't know...what do I do?" or "Can anyone help".

Trucking along like you know what you're doing what you don't is kind of insulting to other owners. Like they won't notice or something..

Re: Stop the Insanity !

There are tons of inaccuracies in your rant. You say you have offered advice - no, there has been little advice. Well, yes now there is in the public boards which I only stumbled upon by accident. So, you offer advice but not in the forum that it should be delivered, just to show off to the PC community.
Oh, mighty Jayslater! We shall bow to your inestimable knowledge and intellect! What little advice you have offered seems weighted in favour of supporting your team in terms of stat levels . The level playing field doesn't interest you. You want a league which favours the way in which your team has been set up.

You have insulted other members in another league and went on several chat rants which really questioned the owner's integrity. I do not care to spend my free time associating with the likes of people like yourself.

Re: Re: Stop the Insanity !

Having the levels balanced to one or the other (pitching/hitting) isn't too prevalent is favoring my team ? I'm built both ways duh.. That's what you get put of everything I say ?

Chat in question:

That I stated you eliminated a big way lower tier teams get better players is me favoring MY TEAM ?!?!

That it will be a cheap ring I don't want if the league is COMPETIVELY BALANCED FOR ALL ?!?!
Another longtime vet with a good team, krtyler has agreed wholeheartedly.

You aren't very bright bro. You prove it when you speak.

Re: Stop the Insanity !

By even uttering that "I'm somehow tricking you into skewing things into 1 of 30 teams' favor" only proves you don't even understand why we level stats or why they should be within a certain range !

How can I "think I'm so great", yet wanna trick a newbie commish into helping me win ? Lmao

Go ask Guy, Yankee to explain it for you, man. I'm done.

Re: Re: Stop the Insanity !


Begone, Slater. Delete thread bacci

Begone, Slater. Delete thread bacci

Re: Stop the Insanity !

Wow, the last person you want coming to your defense buddy.

Thanks for the boot. Those teams will fill quickly. Ask a vet if they wanna switch to one.

Please, Spaniels, learn from your mistakes.

Re: Re: Stop the Insanity !

Avila, you post deleteworthy material multiple times a day. Go away.

Bacci please delete

Bacci please delete

Wow. Just wow

Avila has gotten very familiar with that tagline.

Dear Hillary, please delete

This should do the trick. See y'all in hell!

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To remove your trolling nature from the user's account.

Bacci, can we get an exorcism

Re: Re: Stop the Insanity !

As a fairly new member of the PC community and having only played in 1 custom League, my thoughts should be taken with a grain of salt.

First off I don't believe a League Commissioner should be " Tweaking the stats" to make the League more competitive, It makes a mockery of the entire draft process, the stats don't need tweaking, the player pool does.

This probably is hard for some people to grasp but, sometimes you chose poorly, not because you chose a bad player,but because it just so happens that in any given year, that a 62 Rank pitcher in any given League happens to be way more valuable than normal because of the Player Pool.

I say - OK, next year, I will add what I need and do my best this year, even though I probably have no shot.

Adjusting League Stats or changing rules mid-season is frankly WRONG - I understand Jay's frustration, he has been here for years and builds a team based on THE STANDING LEAGUE RULES.

You can't just change them, period, to do so because you think you should without even a League Poll? that's so blatantly out of line that its frankly, unfathomable.

Re: The power of bacci compels you

SCM, in customs, the stat levels need to be checked each new season, because the player pool is ever changing. Rank and what you set the upper echelon of hitters and pitchers at dictates the run environment.

Re: Re: The power of bacci compels you

Perhaps I don't understand how the SIM works but I am under the understanding that after the Player Pool is established, The Sim evaluates those players and assigns Rank accordingly.

The Sim then randomly chooses players to have average years, bad years, and good years.

So after this process teams draft or add Free Agents accordingly.

To infer that " The SIM got it wrong and its either favoring pitchers or batters is in my some what low experience wrong.

It is what it is, all teams play under the same rules, levels, rank, whatever, no equalizing should be done, your cards don't change after their dealt.

If people quit because their teams are built badly due to oddities in the SIM they may have a bad year, but it is supposed to be random although weighted to a particular outcome determined for each League.

If it was all just crush numbers and eschew randomness, wouldn't that be boring?

Re: The power of bacci compels you

Stat levels should be checked each season. That said, if the levels are way off, the system will warn the commissioner. And that said, it’s not at all unusual for commissioners to not change levels. You just accept how they run their league or leave it.

I’m just going to repeat, the public board is not the place for personal attacks on a commissioner and it’s not the place for “I’m a better commish than you” conversations. There are going to be good ones and bad ones and everything in between. It’s a thankless job. Just join the leagues you like and quit the ones you don’t. (I know it’s not that simple - people get upset when they put a lot of time into a custom league. I don’t have a great answer for you, good commissioners quit and often times there is nobody willing to step up. If you’re in a league you enjoy and the commish goes MIA, you just sort of have to move on. It happens a lot.)

That said, bad behavior should be reported to me, and as I mentioned if I get enough complaints I’ll take action.

Re: The power of bacci compels you

Yeah, you're not understanding brother. The commish IS IN CHARGE OF SETTING THE STAT LEVEL EACH SEASON in a Custom League.. If not set properly, the league runs per game may end up at 2.4 or 5.5, when it should fall between 3.75-4.5, depending how you set it. You won't know until you run SIMs, which is why a Spring Training is helpful. To test those levels. If you end up with low league batting average, many sub 1.00 WHIP pitchers, then you know you shot too low. If league Avgs, ERA's are way high, say lowest is 4.00, highest is 7.00, then you k ow you shot too high..

Does this make more sense ?

Re: Re: The power of bacci compels you

Yes, but if a commish doesn't understand what they're doing, that warning doesn't fix the issue.

In said league, shortly after Rank was introduced, league runs per game plummeted to below 2.5. Whole league was aware, griped a little, agreed they needed adjusting in the offseason.

Creator/Commish at the time left, and this guy took over. He mentioned he just set them to PC suggested. But Guy, as you the inventor of this very system are aware, the SUGGESTED LEVEL USUALLY STILL NEEDS ADJUSTING.

After the league scoring being so off the season before, SOME kind of testing was/is needed. Its just foolish to think otherwise.

I'm not having a "I'm a better Commish" discussion, I'm having a "Quit being ignorant to the work that needs to be done, it disappoints owners.

The problem is, no one wants to be "that guy". I am not of that personality. If something is wrong, I'm going to explain why it is wrong, and how it can be corrected.
Others have spoke to me privately with their displeasures. I'm just more vocal.

Running a league into the ground after youve worked hard on helping make it a solid league is disheartening. And it really makes you wish folks chose their successors more carefully or jist killed the league before someone else suffocates it.

Re: The power of bacci compels you

Jay, this conversation serves no purpose anymore.

Re: Re: The power of bacci compels you

Coming from the worst attention seeker this site has seen in some time. Bro, you litter the boards with nonsense, covered us in troll spam for a month, and are told to stfu by community members daily. You've been banned from posting because you are incapable of controlling your profanity-laced nonsense. Just be quiet, FOR ONCE. You added nothing to this conversation. You trolled it, if nothing else. You know nothing about the discussion either. Read your feedback bro. Just read your own feedback.

Re: Re: The power of bacci compels you

@Avila - Every comment you make serves no purpose.

I don't like throwing myself into these types of board issues...BUT:

Simple thing to follow here: If you don't know how something works as a commissioner...ask a vet (my go-to vet would probably be yankeebb if I ever needed something I didn't understand) or gbacci (who better to ask then the person in charge of the sim?).

Let's just try to all be civil here...there is way too much conflict lately and it takes away from the fun aspect of this site.

Re: Re: The power of bacci compels you

It does make more sense Jay, but in Spring Training aren't Rosters already set? How can you fiddle with stats to achieve a "more to league stats" and not consider the fact that those changes are going to negatively effect some owners and positively effect other owners?

I thought this was a zero sum game?

I'm not saying I am right but changing things after the fact just seems wrong, why does every League have to meet an average?

Re: The power of bacci compels you

Yeah its just not clicking for you..

You're altering the run environment of the entire league. You're not putting ANYONE at ANY ADVANTAGE or DISADVANTAGE. You are trying to bring League Runs per Game, Batting Averages to an acceptable,realistic level !

Do you want to play in a league where the league average is .210 for the year ? When the MLB average is 20 to 40 points higher at almost any point in history ?

Same with runs, do you want the whole league approaching Deadball Era numbers ?

You set the levels as best you can so that players perform closer to their Real Stats/Rank.

For instance, the league in question here.. Tons of 1.000 and .900 OPS Real Stats hitters finished with .650-.750 OPS'. When a majority of the league hitting is performing 200 OPS points lower and teams are scoring 2.3 runs per game rather than a healthy 4-4.5,


Stat Level Adjustments

I'd love to weigh in here and see if I can figure this out too. Sin is, I'm sure, partly talking about what happened in my Bad News Bears League, where I fiddled with stat levels during the first few weeks of the season because the batting averages were terrible, runs per game were super low, WHIP and ERA were crazy good, and it was just crappy. Part of that was the nature of the league itself - limits were set on which players could be in the league- only mediocre guys. But that should have evened itself out, with bad hitters facing bad pitchers meaning stat levels should still even out in the long run.

Anyway, what I think was the main concern, was that some guys actually drafted so that their pitching would dominate and didn't care as much about their offense, so the fear was that changing stat levels would give them a big disadvantage since they didn't have very good hitters in the first place.

Also, changing stat levels bumps some hitters up into the "bold and italicized top-ranked player" category. And ultimately, depending on what stat level you go with, you could end up bumping 3 players on one team up into that "elite" level, and only 1 or none on another team. Is that true? Does that possibly give that team an unfair advantage, if they get a whole bunch of new "bolded, elite" players and other teams don't get as many?

That's the question I have, really, and I think it's related enough to this post. I'm still not completely clear on what that bold stuff is all about. Is it just recognizing that they are the top players in the league, or does it actually give them some extra bump somehow, and if so, how does that work?

Jay? Guy? Yankeebb??

Re: Stat Level Adjustments

Ah, yes, okay, that does now make sense. A little misunderstanding on my part there as well then. Yes, you shouldn't fiddle with levels IN-SEASON. If THAT'S what SCM means, then yes, its considered bad practice. But, sometimes you just have to. If you shot off the mark THAT BADLY. In that case, most owners will generally agree to SOME type of immediate solution, and then to revisit in the offseason.

And yes, changing those numbers DOES dictate who becomes 'bold' and who loses their 'bold numbers' in some cases. There won't be a drastic shift, unless YOU shift drastically. But, setting the levels is imperative to having a better majority of players in a league 'play to their perceived value'.

Re: Re: Stat Level Adjustments

And the follow-up then, does the bold just recognize who are the better players, or does it also give an extra boost in some way. That's the important one for me.
Any thoughts on that?

Re: Stat Level Adjustments

First off Gus, we did discuss the changes and basically did a league Poll where the majority, albeit a slim majority voted to go ahead with the stat changes that were made.I have no beef with Gus at all.

I accepted it and although it has in my opinion really helped some owners more than others -it has been ok and I am not angry about it.

We had 1 team that drafted all low average Power Hitters and crappy pitchers, prior to the stat change- which lowered Pitching and increased batting, that team had hit 12 HR's in 11 games an average of 1.09 HR a game- after 224 games they are averaging 1.6 HR per game- PLUS more batters are actually getting on Base meaning some of those HR's that used to be Solo Shots are now 2 and 3 Run HR's.

But as I said, The League is much more competitive - I just would like liked to see how it would have played out as it was and let the chips fall where they may.

What about next year? The team with all the hitting and crap pitching is not going to be able to help their pitching staff much in the FA draft next year, do they go on welfare again, and owners with good pitching pay higher taxes as it were? "

I also firmly contend that the SIM FORCE FEEDS the Bold ranked guys- They are in the hole with 1 out bases empty and then the pitcher hits a guy, and walks a guy and boom 3 run jack, happens CONSTANTLY-

If a batter has a 290 AVG and 978 SLG and is a 63 Rank, when you make him a 68 he still has a 290 avg and 978 SLG so there is a MOST definite change to his abilities without changing his actual AVG and SLG - otherwise changing their Rank would be meaningless.

Re: Re: Stat Level Adjustments

Point #1 - there is, 100%, NO FORCE FEEDING. There is no logic in the sim that puts guys on base for better players. I am honest with you guys about how the sim works, even though I know in the past people are simply going to believe what they want because they see a pattern with their own eyes, so I can't change some opinions, but I can only tell you the truth about the code logic. For example, closers never had a disadvantage when they entered a tie game, but many users swore on their life that they did. That was never in the code. Also, Range Factor was never as a big a code factor as people believed, but it worked for some people (just as stopping closers from entering tie games worked for some people). Lots of strategies can work, I'm just telling you what the logic is.

Point #2 - the bold is to help understand where the line of eliteness is, but the boost is across the whole league. The point of the stat levels is to help the sim adjust to pitching or hitting dominant pools. Without it, some leagues can get crazy toward hitting or pitching. For example, Best of 2018 would have terrible offense with it because averages are so low in MLB now, strikeouts are crazy high, and with only 12 teams, the pitching can easily overpower. Ruthian is the opposite. It's far more an offensive era.

The boost applies to all - so if you tell the sim that more hitters are "elite" it's going to enlarge the global boost. Let's say based on your levels the sim determines a 10% boost to hitters - that means avgs, obps, etc go up 10 points. This allows hitters to hold their weight against leagues with great pitching, etc.

Re: Stat Level Adjustments

Well Guy, if you say there is no force feeding than I believe you, guess it just seems like it at times.

Re: Stat Level Adjustments

Quick question Guy, if a stats tweak is done and as you give a batters a 10% Boost AVG, SLG, OPS, HR all get increased by 10% - will their statistics when you view them on the roster change or will it still show their REAL Stats?

Example - .250 AVG .550 Slugging, .915 OPS 30 HR are a players REAL Stats.

After a 10% adjustment would he appear as
.275 AVG, .605 SLG, 1006.5 OPS 33 HR or Still show their Real Stats.

Secondly after batters get a 10% Boost - when they go into Slump Bust would the Player above batting become based on

.330 AVG .660 SLG 1098 OPS and 36 HR

330 AVG 792 SLG 1207 OPS and 43 HR?

I honestly don't know the answer - which is basically - Slump Bust adds 20% to your stats- so if your stats get bumped, does the 20% bost get added to REAL stats- or Boosted stats?

Re: Re: Stat Level Adjustments

That's not how stat levels work fam...

Re: Stat Level Adjustments

can you explain how it works then?

Re: Re: Stat Level Adjustments

I asked a question regarding how adjusting statistics is done based on the limited information required, perhaps other owners who contribute to this forum haven't seen my query, but regardless, the lone response was " that's not how it works" is the only response I can get?

All that does is make me assume that the PC community feels that my ignorance or questions about the basic game play of the sim is a highly guarded secret that should not be disseminated for fear that it might take away an an edge they have over those who don't know.

I'm not asking for the formula to split the atom, and even if I was asking for that it wouldn't mean I would know how to implement it.

The one response was " that's not how it works" no response on HOW it works? That's frankly a " your stupid" without explaining why.

If you can't offer any assistance, why even respond?

Can I please get an answer to the question?

I don't want to appear to be a jerk, but is PC not a community of die hard Baseball fans that just want a CHANCE to compete?

Long time owners hav tribal knowledge that has been earned over long time play and experience, a Raginsol, Jayslater, Yankeebb is ALWAYS going to have an advantage on me, and SHOULD, I just want an opportunity to at least know what is going on.

If I did not list you, and there are LOTS of owners I am sure I have omitted, please don't take it personally, ANY and all assistance is appreciated, hell, you could lie and I wouldn't know, but I think we all want to be the best we can, and derive more pleasure BEATING the best.

I apologize if this sounds like a rant, it's not, it's more feeling like I am not only at a disadvantage from my lack of understanding of the rules than my experience, one comes with time, the other should be transparent.

Re: Stat Level Adjustments

BUMP- just trying to get an answer if at all possible..

Re: Re: Stat Level Adjustments

Any changes to stat levels happens before slump buster, thus slump buster is IN ADDITION TO.

You do not see the changes in real stats - that would be massively confusing... ratios don't change, the player still has the same chance to "roll" a HR if he is gets a "hit", for example.

Re: Re: Stat Level Adjustments

Real stats never change when a Commish changes either of the levels.

Stat Levels have two "dials"

1. Min. Rank of Star Hitters: A number between 1 and 100

2. Min. Rank of Star Pitchers: A number between 1 and 100

A Commish can change either number. Putting pitchers to 100 and hitters to 1 would be the absolute maximum hitting performance in the league.

What a 100 "Star Pitchers" setting is saying is that only pitchers ranked 100 would be "stars" in the league.

A 1 "Star Hitters" setting says every player 1 or above (that would be all of them) is a "Star Hitter."

Again, Real Stats NEVER change when these settings are adjusted. What changes is how each rank will perform within a particular player pool.

Don't think of adjusting levels as boosting players, think of adjusting levels as dialing in pitchers vs. hitters to get to the desired runs per game a Commish wants for the league.

A Commish will simply "dial" the two numbers to try to achieve the desired result on the field. If a Commish feels the league is too pitching dominant, he can lower the batters' number (thereby having more hitters perform as "Stars") or increase the pitchers' number (thereby having fewer pitchers perform as "stars"). BUT, again, adjusting either level will not change any Real Stats in the league, adjusting a level will just affect how players perform against one another.

Since Real Stats never change, Slump Bust will affect the stats exactly the same no matter what the Stat Levels' settings.

If you only play Auto Leagues, then how levels are adjusted isn't a concern as the WM controls those.

In Custom Leagues, Commissioners are the only ones who control the levels, but their goal is typically to get a good balance between hitting and pitching, meaning trying to prevent a league where nobody can hit a lick or one where it's all noodle arms vs. big boppers.

Re: Stat Level Adjustments

Thanks for the reply, raging. I’d still like a little more clarity on the details of what difference, mathematically, being a “star” player makes in the SIM. If the stars perform better than the non-stars, is that like an extra percentage boost to their stat line, similar to Slump Buster? If their stats don’t change, what difference does it make if someone graduates from non-star to star because of a stat levels adjustment?

Re: Re: Stat Level Adjustments

BUMP-- any further responses?

Re: Stat Level Adjustments

For those who dont have commish tools, this is what it looks like:

Here are your current settings:
Min Rank of Star Hitters:

Min Rank of Star Pitchers:

Based on your player pool, we recommend your Great Hitters = 77 and Great Pitchers = 84.

As you can see, PC recommends I set my league to 77/84, but as most who have played along time know, PC is pitching dominant. So I set the hitter number lower than recommended (causing ALL hitters to do better) and things are all good. This does not favor one team over another, it's for the entire league, and I definitely agree it should not be changed mid-season unless there is unanimous league approval (maybe all teams are hitting under .200, or all team ERAs are over 4.00 and you dont want them to be). No stats are being changed. This is simply league level setting based on your player pool, since PC cant treat every league the same, they obviously arent. It's not something that needs to be changed often especially if your player pool is consistent. But if you dont want a super dominant pitching league you usually have to bump the hitters up.

Re: Stat Level Adjustments

Thanks Yankee, and Guy, and others for the responses to this. Last question on the topic of stat adjustments is about the actual math/SIM. If everyone in the league is affected by an adjustment, how does the actual math work on that? If you adjust the hitters stat level, for example, would every hitter get, say, a 1% increase in his real stats, similar to a tiny slump bust increase for every hitter? And if you raise the pitcher stat level, would they all get a tiny percentage decrease in their relevant stats to make them all slightly more hittable across the board?


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Yankebb - from your last response in this string

"As you can see, PC recommends I set my league to 77/84, but as most who have played along time know, PC is pitching dominant.

So I set the hitter number lower than recommended (causing ALL hitters to do better) and things are all good.


How does it make the batters do better? Guy says there is a stat increase, Raginsol says there is not, You simply state, It makes batters do better

BUT HOW? is there a STAT increase?

Guy has also stated that rank does not drive production- so exactly WHAT is changing?

Guy ALSO says that the Boost would also be taken into effect before a player gets Slump Busted, meaning that if he got a 5% boost from original stats a player would actually get a 26% TOTAL Boost from REAL stats when Slump Busted.


I am not trying to denigrate or scold anyone but,

Why is it that no one will provide a statement of Fact, saying "this is how it works"

The answers can't be simply "I don't know" Is there some secret that can't be said? Is it an issue of worrying that some one can mess with the code?

Pardon my persistence, but I really would like to know.

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BUMP== still hoping to get a definitive answer on this, but the lack of response is frankly disheartening.

Why is it that this question seems to go unanswered and ignored?

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What is lacking in my response?

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Didnt realize this thread was still going. I think Ragingsol just said the Real Stats dont change visibly. Yes, behind the scenes it changes the stats for all, like slump buster, just to a smaller extent.

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Hi Guy, I think what was and still is missing is an explanation as to what actually happens when the or hitting or pitching number is moved.

if the number is lowered by say 5% that would reduce the rank number required to be an "elite" hitter by 5%?

so there IS an unseen change done to batters, and to pitchers in the same way if Their number gets changed correct?

I guess the question was simply -how do you know exactly what change is made.

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You don’t really know because it depends what change was made to pitchers as well as how large the player pool is overall. But it’s a global rate change so it impacts everyone the same, hence you don’t really need to know. Just like nobody really sees or knows the exact impact of ballpark adjustments, platoons, slump bust, on fire etc. there’s a lot going on but real stats are still the best way to judge along with a players history in that pool. The end goal is still to rely on the real stats.

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Here's been my experience with Slump Busters.
Most of the time it works, sometimes a player is just having one of those years, and it doesn't help.
It appears to kick in more quickly after another player is assigned to SB after 3 games on SB. That could just be a false perception, as I haven't been conducting an experiment to determine what mathematical formula gbacci is using to make it work.
I COULD, if I lived in a basement and had nothing to do but reverse brain-pick a programmer!
However, I prefer to leave how Slump Busters works as a bit of a mystery, and one of those little things Guy put in there to hold out a ray of hope for a down player in our lineups!

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Surprise, there's no real mystery. The page tells you how it works. It adds a percentage to the Real Stats. It doesnt know or care if the player has been on slump buster for 1 day or 30. It's always the same percentage (page says 20 but I think it was changed to less a while back).

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I think Yankeebb was answering Zedood's question.

I was aware of the 20% add to S.B. although it may have been adjusted per his post.

My question only really had to do with Stat adjusting.