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'Retire Team' add to Bulk Updates ?

'Retire Team' add to Bulk Updates ?

The header only allows so many characters.

Right now I'm running into having to manually retire individual players one at a time because I only need to retire certain players that were all on the same team, and keep their compiled stats intact to include their one-time existence in the league. If I used any of the other shortcut 'Bulk Update' toggles for retiring players, I'd create total unnecessary chaos league wide.

It is already possible to only consider FA for retirement, and it is already possible to delete only players on 'Team Xyz', could we maybe add 'Only retire players from 'Team Xyz' as a selection option as well?

I'll already be done manually retired these players by the time Guy could get to it, I'm certain, but I can definitely see it being beneficial to Custom League commishes in the future. Especially if trying to keep league histories/stats intact. Myself included should 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' run into this issue in the future. ;)

Thanks for building an awesome website, Guy !

Re: 'Retire Team' add to Bulk Updates ?


Re: 'Retire Team' add to Bulk Updates ?

It’s possible sure. What is the use case for this? Why is an entire team being retired?

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Niche leagues.. Like Good, Bad, Ugly, ...I remember Legendary Losers deleting teams/players when new owners come in and want to change their franchise.. Well, if you delete the players rather than retire them, then their history/stats disappear. Retiring a player rather than deleting them keeps them in compiled stat counts, history, rather than being vaporized into oblivion.

So, if I'm looking to retire all players from a particular team to replace them with different players that a new owner has selected, or even if they select a completely different franchise, I can't release them into FA (FA are to come from CURRENT franchises only) without it including other FA that I don't want retired, I can't go by stat guidelines without it including players I don't want retired. So the only option, currently, is to go player, by player, by player, by player (*yawn*) and manually edit them from 'No' to 'Yes'. Whereas being able to select only the players on a specific team would allow a commish to retire a select 40 (or however many is on the roster) in one shot.

Re: 'Retire Team' add to Bulk Updat

That makes sense. I might be able to get to it today. I’ll let you know.

Re: Re: 'Retire Team' add to Bulk Updat

You're the man, Guy! Thanks !