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Overall strategy

Overall strategy

So I’m doing pretty well with my four ATG auto league teams after about 90 games. A couple are at the bottom of their division, but there’s some tough competition. With my roster I’m trying to balance good offense vs high dWAR, especially at CF 2B SS. In my line up I’m leading with guys who get lots of hits and putting the high HR & RBI hitters in clean-up & 5th. For pitching I’m trying to find (not that I can change much now) pitchers with low WHIP & S/9 and low H/9 & BB/9. I’m moving around the slump buster bonus, especially to high ranking players. And I’m on the lookout for switching to better seasons when I have the time. I still see teams with better results but I figure that’s due to drafting better. Anything I’m forgetting? Endurance? Lucky rabbits foot? Wearing the same socks I wore during my last winning streak for two more months?

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you're doing really well for just starting and I like that you stuck to the same type of league to understand the player pool. Also doing pretty well in the supplemental drafts - learning which players to target.

Now it's just tweaking things like when to steal. Here are you sb / cs for your 4 teams: 46/48, 58/50, 77/61, 62/38.

Those are outs that you're giving away and I'd look at guys with less than 70% steal rate and their speed and dial them way back and / or use options like "shut down against strong arm."

Good luck!

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Rabbit's foot and socks wouldn't hurt

Re: Overall strategy

Stay away from high WHIP want low WHIP

Re: Overall strategy

You are right sir. That was a typo. Edited for clarity.

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KR Tyler,
Holy crap, thanks for pointing out the CS rate. I still seem to be alternating between W and L almost every time. I feel like I’m missing something.

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The season is long and you'll have stretches of alternating wins and losses. Stay on top of it, make tweaks, keep guys on slump buster (preferably your best player available) and try to make little upgrades (maybe through trades). Again, you're standing at 53% win rate and that's good in baseball. I find in auto leagues that my teams typically make runs in the middle of the season when other owners don't pay as much attention.

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Thanks for the advice. It’s those tweaks and upgrades I am still figuring out.

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I’m new to this as well and thought I had things somewhat figured out until my 30-19 team lost 13 of the last. 15. I keep telling myself it’s a long season but man it’s tough to go through.

I use this first time around as a learning experience. I am definitely going to draft differently the next time around. My first drafts I focused primarily on dWar and used ranking as a tie breaker (big mistake) and for pitching I chose guys with the best stamina.

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Hi Bishop! Looks like you are off to a great start -- you've picked up a lot very quickly!!!

I took a look at your league 284 to get a feel for how you are doing. Here are some suggestions:

1) There is a slot on your relief pitcher page for long relief. Put a starter there. When you are losing 6-0 in the first inning, this guy will pitch and eat up innings. Without him, you will tire out all of your relief pitchers just to get through the game. Then you'll have no relief pitchers for your next game -- it can lead to losing 3-4 games in a row cause all your players are tired out.

2) I usually put my best DWAR OF in center field -- more balls are hit there. So I would put Dimaggio in CF instead of Goslin

3) I like to put my better hitters toward the top of the lineup (in the top 4 slots). So I would switch McGuire and Boudreau

4) You have Palmeiro as your DH. He is OK, but you can usually do much better in the ATG leagues. I think Ryan Howard, for example, would be better. Don't feel you have to put a DH in the DH slot -- any player can go here; especially a good hitter with bad defense.

5) You have Darvish and Quisenberry still on your roster. There are better free agents available.

6) You switch slump busters a lot -- I think that hurts you. You can keep the same guy slump busted for 90 games or so. I think HR hitters are the best guys to slump bust

Lastly I noticed Chaad is in your league -- he's a great competitor. Watch what he does!!!

Hope that helps!!!

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Nice advice...i was playing a crappy RP as long relief but a crappy SP is way better....i thing recently i have been looking at is BB:SO.. maybe it will help

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Hi Jamin!
Wow, thanks for the detailed answers. Just what I was looking for. Hope you don’t mind some follow-ons:

1) starter in long relief,
Never thought of this. Thanks for the advice! Very helpful. One thing I noticed when I did this for my other leagues is that while every SP was a choice for long relief in one league, there was only two in one, just one in another and none on the last. Why is that? Is it bc the SP never had a season as RP? Do I need to check baseball reference to find this out?

2) best dWAR in OF
Thanks for the reminder. Not sure why I missed this lol.

3) Better hitters in the top 4 slots
Sounds good to me. Definitely should have McGuire in the 4th slot! See 2 above lol.

4) Better DH than Palmeiro
Yeah I definitely put other players than DH in the DH slot. Like McGwire is a good example of good hitter and okay at best defense. Whoever has really good AVG OBP and especially HR. I guess I wouldn’t have thought of Ryan Howard. Is it bc of his OBP and HR totals? Across leagues?

5) better choices than Darvish and Quisenberry
Seems to be slim pickings at this point lol. I figured they had good WHIP K/9 and low H/9. Quisenberry has been disappointing but Darvish seems to have a good game most often. I guess I have to look closer.

6) Switching vs keeping slump busters
You know now that you point it out I realize since I keep the same PITCHER with slump busting, I should be doing it for the hitters! Thanks. High HR hitters makes sense too.

Lastly Chaad
Omg yeah Chaad is really good. I will keep an eye on him. He’s definitely got good game.

I appreciate all the help. I really like this site, which is so well done and friendly for newbies like me, especially for the cool people playing. Thanks again and good luck with your leagues!

Re: Overall strategy

Also tbh honest I’m kind of lost with the strategies for pinch hitting vs running and sacrifice bunts. Not sure which is the way to go other than cancel all of the pinch options to avoid getting away from my main lineup.