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Mike Marshall

Mike Marshall

I just noticed that former Expos and Dodgers reliever Dr. Mike Marshall passed away couple days ago.

He won th Cy Young in the NL in 1974 with the dodgers.

His stat line was unreal.... 106 Games pitched / 208 innings as a reliever,
15W-12L, 21 saves.... in one season... thats 4 season for any nowaday reliievers...

That guy had a rubber arm....

as a physiologist , He also brought some approach about pitching and the prevention of ulnar collateral ligament injuries.... (prevent Tommy John surgery)

Unfortunately he was not very popular among the baseball community....

below are facinating links about him and his pitching approach for injury prevention...

His youtube channel contains some very interesting stuff...maybe was he still ahead of his time...

Re: Mike Marshall

Marshall also pitched for my Twins. He was always a favourite of mine, but yes, outspoken about some things so made some enemies. Was a player rep for the union and the owners didn’t like him much.

Re: Mike Marshall

Thank you for bringing this up.
I remember him as one of that first crop of free agents who, after 10 seasons finally cashed in big (at that time 300k was a lot) with the Twins. His 2nd season with them was his finest leading the league with 32 saves. But he was out of MLB by the end of '81, the tank was empty.

This guy threw over 200 innings as a RELIEVER.

I doubt any starters top 200 innings in 2021.

Yeah, the game is better now- if you don't know better!

Re: Re: Mike Marshall

Iron Mike was one of my favorite Dodgers - Alston made him a very busy guy in '74.

- The Sheik

Re: Mike Marshall

One of the funniest thing, Is that the only students of Marshall's pitching technique who pitched in the MLB, Jeff Sparks... well theres is no images that can be found anywhere from when he pitched in the MLB...

it should clearly be analysed...

From his baseball reference numbers, the guy was very hard to hit... he had control problems... but still could of been a very efficient reliever, but no pitching coach wanted to deal with him and is delivery (created by Marshall) on the mound... so he probably got blackballed for being a Marshall student...