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Hall of Very Good League

Hall of Very Good League

Hello All,

Once again I am looking for a few new owners for the Hall of Very Good League. This is a fun league that doesn't use progressions, but instead asks you to change seasons every year you use a player.

If you like making trades and a league with a lot of variety from one season to the next without having to redraft every year this is the right league for you.

Here are the rules. Send me a message if you are interested in this unique league.

Re: Hall of Very Good League

Just giving this post a bump. We have one team, with potentially one or two more opening up available for new owners.

If you like making trades and want to be reminded of some great players from yesteryear this is a great league with many great owners.

Message me for an invite if interested. Thanks

Re: Hall of Very Good League

Just adding To castle’s post-

This is a unique and fun league, allows owners flexibility in how they want to build the team, and encourages trades when you run out of good seasons for a particular player.

I also want to put in a positive word for the commish who stays engaged and does lots of work to keep things running smoothly.

Check it out!