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Fave Tms Supplemental Question

Fave Tms Supplemental Question

With a moment to think about it as I rank for the Supplemental Draft in a Fave Teams league...

What method is used to determine who the SP's are that are available ? I know they are leftover players from other year's rosters chosen..

But here's the thing, when the heck is there EVER even a DECENT SP to help the bottom clubs? They are always SP that an owner would get lit up with if they ever ran them out there.. There is literally no point to having ANY SP's "available" to draft. They are ALWAYS garbage.

Does the SIM analyze by position for draft or ..?

Re: Fave Tms Supplemental Question

There should really be no supp in fav teams, my opinion (and others).

Re: Re: Fave Tms Supplemental Question

I agree. Its why I try not to trade in them because then its not really just THAT franchise, ya know. Feels tainted. Haha..

I forget to rank half the time. But I'm Tampa this time and its spitting me out as weakest, so I may as well take the one of the one or two okay hitters available, ya know..

But that SP query started dancing in my head, where I thought back and don't think I've EVER seen a good one.

Re: Fave Tms Supplemental Question

It's intentional - the supp draft is baked into all Auto Leagues, but really not intended to give any benefit - the design is to discourage anyone from taking players not on their franchise.