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Lineup advice?

Lineup advice?

I know i'm plastering the board again, but I am trying to figure a good lineup for this team?


Re: Lineup advice?

Altuve first makes sense. I'd move Aguilar up as he'll hit HR (and maybe slump busted) and you want him to drive in the guys who get on base.

Also change your team name to something of your own, dont just use the previous owner's, ewwwww.

Re: Re: Lineup advice?

Anymore, I set my lineups backward.

I find my 9, 8, 7 hitters, then 6..

Then of the 5 remaining, I put my best pure hitter 3rd, best power hitter 4, then of the three remaining, I look at which two best combine AVG, Speed for my 1-2..

If the remaining guy has more pop than 6, he's 5, if not, I switch em.

I want my guys with the highest rates hitting most often. Its a numbers game. I don't look as closely at OBP, because with pitchers having their own walk rate, and everything else included in the SIM. Most of the time, guys don't quite hit for their average, so that's an OBP drop, and they don't hit their BB numbers, another OBP drop, so it loses its credibility in a sense...