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Reliever as a Starter

Reliever as a Starter

Could someone like Ryne Stanek or Tyler Glasnow be used as a starter in custom leagues and then actually have decent stamina?

Re: Reliever as a Starter

In any Custom League, a Commish has the power to do just about anything with a player. So, definitely the guys you mentioned could be made into SPs.

Assuming Stanek and Glasnow are currently RPs, they could only be used as SPs after the Commish changes them to SPs.

But, unless the league is designed to have superhero pitchers, the Commish will also have to alter an RP's Real Stats (IPs and HAs and SOs, Stamina, etc.) to make sure the player is more in-line with a typical SP's Real Stats. Nobody wants an SP who has 15 SO/9 while only giving up 3 H/9.

The RP to SP is a conversion some Commish's choose to do, others choose not to. More often, the SP to RP conversion is used, when an SP becomes older, like 30+.