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Re: MLB EXPERIMENT 2025 needs Two Owner

Re: MLB EXPERIMENT 2025 needs Two Owner

Bump to reflect additional opening.

MLB Experiment 2025 (now in its 11th season) needs TWO (2) owners for the L.A. Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays.

This once proud franchise has hit a hiccup over the last 2+ seasons. Previous Owners didn't subscribe to the gut for prospects/picks mantra that we see work well throughout Customs on this site. So they're in need of rebuilding. Free Agency, Rookie Draft have since passed, as we are about to start the Regular Season, but its a pretty active negotiating market in terms of trades.

There's International FA's, Minor League Keepers, Arizona Fall League ball for prospects, created prospect for all 30 clubs each season.. And more. Many top notch vets compete here as well. Gimme a shout if you're interested !

Preferably owners with some knowledge of custom leagues, fairly successful SIM history. If you're 1000 SIMs in with an under .400 Win%, this isn't the league for you.