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Player Development

Player Development

Hey guys so I just started playing and was wondering how player development worked? Do the players ranks just get better as they get older or do I have to do something to progress them? Thanks!

Re: Player Development

In Auto Leagues, players' Ranks and Real Stats stay the same each season. 1953 Roy Campanella will have a .312 average in every Auto League he plays in, every season.

In Custom Leagues, there is (usually) a progression of Real Stats, so that players' Real Stats will increase, stay the same, or decrease during the off-season, depending on their age.

There is a way to choose a different season's stats for players in Auto Leagues, but that's a different topic.

Re: Re: Player Development

I just started also, the Rank stat is the higher the number better or lower?

So I look at Ranking as say Tom Jones is ranked 15 would that make him 15th out of all the players? meaning he was awesome?

Little confused here

Re: Player Development

Rank number: Higher the better.

Rank number is how a player compares to the competition in that specific league. The same player from the exact same season (meaning with the exact same Real Stats), playing in two different leagues, may be ranked 95 in one league and ranked 75 in the other.

Rank number is only relative to the players in the specific league in which he plays.

Rank is a guidepost, meaning a higher ranked player will not always perform better than a lower ranked player.

Re: Player Development

To answer your question regarding RANK-- Rank is a number based on 3 categories - Batting Average (BA), On Base Percentage (OBP) and On Base Plus Slugging (OPS)

Rank reflects only a players offensive ability, because Pennant Chase uses only the DH, Defensive is meaningless for pitchers.

The players real life statistics in a season are averaged against the same stats as the rest of the players in any individual league Pool - So if the highest batting Average in a Leagues player pool is .400 -then that player would have a 100 rank in BA - and the same formula goes for the other two statistic's. The 3 numbers in each stat are added together and then divided by 3 to provide their actual RANK - so if a player had an 85 for AVG, 66 for OBP and 78 for OPS they would be a 76 Rank and better offensively than all but 24% of the players in that particular League

In Pitching the 3 stats used are H/9, Whip, and SO/9

Your 15 Rank player? 85% of the players in that league are better than him offensively. With position players, you need to consider their defensive abilities as well to determine their real VALUE.

Hope this helps because the 15 Ranked guy RARELY will, although if he has a .995 Fielding % and +4.85 DWar at SS, you might live with his batting woes because his defense is so good.