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Low IP Super Starters

Low IP Super Starters

Just something to toss out, as I really do think it hurts the realism factor of many leagues dramatically.

Low IP Starters should be penalized in some way by the game, and not be given 120+ STA. It gets a bit moronic to see a guy who racked up 26 IP on the regular season, rack up 30 wins and have a 300+ IP season.

These guys were almost all late-season call ups, who just happened to pitch decently for an extremely low number of innings, only to have PC turn them into Cy Young Award winners.

A simple re-write of the code could give these SP a low STA of around 60-70. Let's face it, these guys never proved that they were high stamina pitchers, and should be treated accordingly.

Although it was fun in one league to see Mark Fidrych win the Cy Young with his 22 IP (3 Starts) 1978 Stat Line, it does get very old, very quickly when you see this happened repeatedly in leagues that allow these low IP freaks to dominate.

Re: Low IP Super Starters

I have been implementing the Andy Rincon/Fred Lynn rule which will address runaway low whip and high ops. Also addressing stamina is a good idea. I will look at possible edits for stamina as well.

Re: Re: Low IP Super Starters

How is this any different then say Matt Olson? It would be laughable to assume that he is the only major leaguer who ever hit 24 HR in less than 200 AB, the difference is that - those were the only AB he had.

While other players have had the remainder of the season to bring their HR to AB ratio to a realistic ratio he accumulates at his pace for that "partial" season.

Tony Armas used to hit about 40% of his seasons total of HR’s in a month, then he would disappear at the plate for a long while. By the end of a year he might have 35-40 HR but only average 1 every 14-15 AB's or so

Either you let them accumulate at their actual Ratio or you make them ineligible - A SP with only 22 IP in a season should not be included in the talent pool - there’s simply not enough qualifying IP to allow such a small sample to be the basis of an entire seasons worth of value.

That is currently what the SIM allows though so you either embrace it, or lose to it, Sorry in advance for any puncuation or spelling errors, it’s not easy on a cell phone.

Re: Low IP Super Starters

SCM, I do sympathize with trying to type messages on a cell phone! Can be a frustrating task, to be sure.

A feature that could work for hitters and pitchers, is to add a new feature that would allow Commissioners to limit the number of AB or IP that a player has, by not allowing them to go over by more then 20%. It could be a clickable feature, that leagues would either opt in to, or not, depending on the wishes of the commish.

This was done "manually" in the old Strat-O-Matic leagues way back in the day. The Commish would keep an eye on all the players in the league, and watch for those players getting close to the maximum AB/IP, and send the owner a warning.

This would not only prevent the 26 IP SP from racking up 300+ innings, but also the ace RP, who might have had 35 IP in real life, from being manipulated into getting 180+ IP in a single season.

The 20% calculation is not all that difficult. A 100 IP SP, would be allowed to accumulate 120 IP, before the SIM would simply shut him down. It would make minor leagues much more meaningful, and allow for the involvement of far more players in a league.

Just something to think about.

Re: Re: Low IP Super Starters

The exact type of solution you offered has already been floated and rejected, the main objection was " who would draft somebody only eligible for say 35-40% of a actual seasons AB's"?

The answer was the obvious one, only an owner hoping to stash him for late season and playoff runs.

In an ironic twist- that is exactly what occurred with Olson-and scores of other players who were either late season call ups or Players who got off to a great start and then got injured. Their abilities are skewed by the small sample of AB/IP available.

The SIM/WM has decided not to limit a players ability to accumulate statistics based on IP/GP/AB. Custom League owners should however be able to implement changes as you suggest if they deem it unfair as is.

I really wish this would be a site wide change

Re: Low IP Super Starters


A classic example of what I am referring to.

Andy Rincon had 31 IP in real life, putting up silly numbers over that short span of time. In a "Real Progression" league here on PC, this became 45 Starts, 33 Complete Games, 390.1 IP and a 33-10 record.

That is just silly, but it is just the way it is here in fantasy dream land.

I have no problem with this happening in leagues where this kind of thing is desired, but I do believe it would be a huge plus if commissioners had some way of limiting this kind of misuse.

There really should be a mechanism for limiting low AB/IP players. An option to click a box that would enforce a 120% cap would be ideal. Or to make it more sophisticated, perhaps a floating cap slider, that would allow the Commissioner to choose the level at which a player could be used. In some cases, if a league were short of useable players, this could be set to 200%, allowing a player like Rincon to pitch 62 innings.

Again, I have no problem with leagues that choose to allow Low IP/AB players to become unwarranted superstars, but the option should be there to place a usage cap.

Re: Re: Low IP Super Starters

I forgot to point out that Rincon was awarded 136 Stamina, even though he only pitched 31 innings. Again, Stamina should take into account total IP.

Re: Low IP Super Starters

Buddy, in an auto league he would have fallen under the minimum 85 IP to be a SP. If there was a way to incorporate that into a custom league......

- The Sheik

Re: Re: Low IP Super Starters

No Custom league commish should allow a 31 IP Starting Pitcher. If they do because they feel the need, they can and should edit stamina.

But it’s a good question. Why does PC give him stamina 136 when he pitched 4 games, 31 IP? His other seasons were 35 IP (stamina 123) and 40 IP (stamina 66). So what causes high and low if not IP or GP?

Re: Re: Low IP Super Starters

I presume Stamina is calculated using IPs/Game, so they're assuming that a guy who throws 7 innings per game for 3 or 4 games would be able to extend that through a whole season. Sounds like flawed logic to me.

Re: Low IP Super Starters

His stamina wouldn't be an issue if all he pitched was 4 starts!!

- The Sheik

Re: Re: Low IP Super Starters

Stamina is an estimate of pitch counts per start, so if he only threw four games but went deep into all four, he's going to have a high stamina.

Seems to me the easiest answer here is the commish edits the player to lower stamina if so desired. What am I missing?

Re: Low IP Super Starters

While admitting that I am only a short time owner, it seems that 136 Stamina is an awful lot, especially considering the era he pitched in.