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How to handle players that had limited

How to handle players that had limited

I would like to know how players that had limited at bats and game appearances are handled around the different leagues. It just seems that a manager could just keep the player in the lineup with no consequences. Is this something to worry about?

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Not much you can do beyond set a minimum for ABs or IP or, if that's not good enough, go player by player and decide who qualifies for your league.

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When I first started PC I asked the same question, the answer is simply that the SIM allows you to accumulate Offensive stats at the same pace you did even if it was particularly good or bad.

A great example is 2017's Matt Olsen, he hit 24 HR's in only 189 at bats - well if he played an entire season, 550 AT bats would not be unreasonable, and he would be able to basically triple his numbers

It's an important thing to look for - At bats matter a lot, if a part timer who platoons and say only got 220 at bats mostly versus opposite pitching, but hit 15 HR, he has the potential playing everyday to hit about 40 In PC -in Auto Leagues -

in Custom Leagues where endurance comes into play, you will need to rest guys here and there

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Thanks so much for the insights. I can tell next time we will set the player qualification higher. Enjoy you season's, this is a really fun game that is such a bright spot right now. Thanks again for your help.