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New Layout Tweak Issues

New Layout Tweak Issues

All of a sudden, this latest tweak, it occurred yesterday or the day before I believe? When we were asked to confirm viewing full site or mobile view ? Yeah and the formatting of everything is so different that PC now sucks on my phone, either view choice gives me the same issues.

I can't see any team logos for power rankings on the league homepages AT ALL. Choose a view, Turn my phone, doesn't matter, theyre gone.

I liked the smaller view of My League List, now its all big and blocky like on the app. What the heck? I was just getting used to the new layout and its grown on me, but whatever was just done, totally changes the viewing experience. How do I get back to being able to view it all the time like I'm on a computer or tablet??

Anyone else ? Maybe I'm missing a simple option to click ????

Re: New Layout Tweak Issues

Not sure what you’re talking about so maybe someone can enlighten me? Others having recent issues? I haven’t made any layout changes.

Jay if you want your phone to be full screen you have to set that on your profile. (Under update account)

Re: New Layout Tweak Issues

I haven’t noticed any changes recently on iPhone/safari

Re: Re: New Layout Tweak Issues

I figured out its on full site, but its condensed almost. The player search bar is at the top rather than at the right, then the homepage stories, so on, so on, but there's no team logos on league homepages period. They're all gone. No 'names' appearing instead as people sometimes complain, no they're just not there.

I select full view, it states that Id then want to select NO for pinch and zoom, I'm saying it makes no difference whether I toggle THIS, I'm getting a condensed version or something. Team logos are all gone or aren't visible. Like when you select the wrong setting to watch a movie on your TV almost...

But other things that are still visible are all still atop one another now ?

Like on team pages. How normally the expiring players, contracts and tagged players are offset to the left down the page , and the game results are to the right, its all single stacked atop each other now and its sooooooo annoying. I don't like it at all. Feels like everything takes longer to get to having to scroll the page rather than move around.

Or how normally, this :

Welcome JaySlater1223!
My League List My Bucks
Update Account Logout
Best of the Rest-BYOT
My Inbox Compose New
View Full Screen

appears in the upper right, its now centered atop the pages. Something changed, and I didn't change anything, lol

Re: New Layout Tweak Issues

I'm on mobile view. I just tried clicking on Full Site and I get a PC popup that tells me to go to Update Account and change my Full Site on Mobile setting. No idea if you've done that or not, just letting you know it's telling me to, but I'm not going to test it now.

Re: Re: New Layout Tweak Issues

Yes, 10x over now...When Im back out in the PC galaxy, its still all stacked rather than the normal layout.

You know how normally when you're on mobile, it has a full site option in the top "Owner" section and if your in full site, it will have a toggle to mobile option, well it just stays at "View Full Screen" like I'm not in it no matter how many times I update my settings.

The my league list page for instance for me, you know how normally, you'd have the leagues listed in thinned out columns, like you could easily spot inbox messages, because they're all in the same "column"? Well now its each piece of league info in list form and it almost doubles how long it takes to scroll down my 49 leagues..

Im explaining as explicitly as I can..

Re: New Layout Tweak Issues

So I went to a different phone, and I have no issues. Same account, same settings. What the frick. Lol

Re: New Layout Tweak Issues

That’s odd. Maybe try clearing cookies?